Oxford Killed the Blogging Star

I’ve decided I am going to take a leaf out of Lilith Saintcrow’s book (book, she’s an author, get it?! God, I should never write this early in the morning) and try for a daily blogging routine. Well, it’s that or watch Bright Meadow slowly wither and die like week-old cut flowers in a vase. The move to Oxford has been supreme on all fronts bar the blogging – I’ve simply been unable to find my groove for the past six months.

So in the light of new beginnings, fresh starts, and every other cliché my flapjack-induced-sugar-high can think of, let’s all (re)introduce ourselves. We’ve been a big and happy blogging/commenting family in the past, and I dearly wish we can get back to that.

I’ll start:

Hello, I’m Cas and I’ve been hanging around online for longer than I care to admit and have been blogging since February 2003 (go, look at the archives if you don’t believe me. We’ll wait for you to come back. There’s a handy drop-down in the top banner). By day I go by the name Claire Louise Kemp and work in a Children’s Rights department for a major publisher. This is step one in my cunning master plan to one day rule the world/become an editor. By night I am just one more in a legion of aspiring authors. I’m in the middle of writing a swords’n’magic fantasy fest which all my friends think is the best thing since bread came sliced, but we’ll see about that when it comes to the finding-an-agent time. I’m putting off thinking about that fun-and-rejection filled process for as long as I can!

What else?

Um. It’s pretty much all here on the blog. You name it, I’ve written about it in the past. The wisdom of which I have doubted on many occasion, not least when the first question I was asked at the interview for my current job was “so tell me about Bright Meadow then?”

The stalking opportunities abound in this modern connected world, and I do like to make life easy for people, so if you want to see even more of my life, you could do worse than visiting my Flickr stream or following me on Twitter.

And that’s me in a (sizeable) nutshell. Maybe a walnut? Mmmm, walnuts… How about you?

8 thoughts on “Oxford Killed the Blogging Star

  1. There is a strange dichotomy in your approach to the world-through-a-modem. Exposing your inner most thoughts in contrast with your photos where more than an a few ivolve hiding behind mugs, hands or items of clothing. Not that you don’t look cute with a scarf round your head!

  2. Welcome back to the grove Cas. By night I’m student of archaeology by days I’m a full time worker in order to pay for my studies. I try to fit a life around the full time work and part tiime study. Oh, and I’m based in Australia.

  3. CCM – you should know by now of my horror of staying still to have my photograph taken! Anyway, I spend so much of my time cradling a cup of tea, it only makes sense that that’s how I am photographed.

    Are you going to introduce yourself further?

    tc – thank you. Good to see you stopping by the comments again 🙂 Another archaeology student?! What areas are you most interested in?

    (And I should have said, my daily posting will just be during the week. I’m going to be taking the weekends off for a bit).

  4. By day I am slowly losing my mind dealing with crazy people in a local authority. It pays for my night ‘job’ as a part-time history student. I am usually cautious with occasional bursts of utter recklessness, which is how I saddled myself with the online name of Moose without fully thinking through the consequences. Oh and I shared a flat with Cas for 4 years Top survival tip – don’t try and speak to her until she’s had her cup of tea in the morning 😉

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  6. Hello. I’m Neko.

    I carried on doing Archaeology when Cas had the good sense to stop. I study geophysics and peat, and do some fun GIS/spatial theory stuff on the side. I have also done research about the womens’ peace camps at Greenham Common (from an archaeological point of view), and I’m fascinated by human/space interactions, feminism, writing, philosophy and the intersections of these with archaeology.

    I don’t have any Cas-related tips, but I have met all of her penguin army. I am also a total geek.

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