Tuesday’s Treat

Before you start, yesterday was a bank holiday here in the UK, and I was busy riding on a motorbike and enjoying the sun too much to post. So we will have a Movie Tuesday instead…

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh – Michael Chabon is a genius, so of course I want to see this!
Gamer – mmmmmmmm Gerard Butler doing his stuff. See last week’s reasoning re pretty men and blowing shit up.
Quiet Chaos – something for a DVD I think, if only because a cinema release over here is a lot less likely, but the story really intrigues me.
Sherlock Holmes – oh, come on. Robert Downey Jr. Enough said! But it also look so, so kick-assly funny!

In other news, Meadow Palace is shortly going to become Meadow-need-a-new-name! I’m moving house in three weeks time. Eek! This whole spur of the moment stuff is turning into something of a habit for me. For someone who professes, loudly, that she wants to put down roots and hates surprises, I sure am putting myself in the way of a lot of change at the moment. Clearly the wanderlust side of me is stronger right now – it’s happy with the work side of things, so it’s meddling in the living arrangements.

All fun, though I am having serious doubts about how I am going to orchestrate the mechanics of the move. Despite being ruthless and ditching a shed load of crap when I moved up to Oxford eight months ago, I still have so much stuff, with the buggersome problem that it is all the stuff I WANT/NEED on a regular basis. Hmmmmm. When are the geeks going to perfect that site-to-site transporter beam, hey?

But I get a cat! The house has a cat!!!! She’s called Whisky and is apparently very, very grumpy, but I am sure I will win her around. And I here by promise not to post too many cat pictures. Perhaps a limit of one a week?

Till tomorrow my lovelies 🙂