Goodbye Palace Meadows

It’s been eight months as opposed to the three initially planned, but the time has come to leave Palace Meadows for pastures new – The Meadow-Yet-To-Be-Named. I am going to miss my bijou little room in central Oxford. It has been so ridiculously conveniently located for everything, I’ve never been more than a ten minute walk from a destination. Plus it has been a haven for me whilst I was settling into this strange and wonderful new city.

Still, a girl has needs and those needs are primarily:
1) more bookshelf space
2) more wardrobe space
3) somewhere to sit other than her bed
4) rent that leaves enough left over each month to actually afford to eat
and 5) fewer mice making their home under her desk.

Plus it’s just time for a change – as ever, the lure of new people and new places to explore is pushing me onwards. OK, so that ‘onwards’ is just the other side of Oxford (a bare thirty minute walk from my current front door), but it is still an adventure. Plus the new house has a cat, so I should at least be safe from any mice that have stowed away in my packing boxes!

Talking of packing boxes, long experience has taught me that you always need twice the number of boxes you thought you did. I’d thought I’d taken this into consideration… Turns out my stuff has been breeding behind my back (and that I am better at utlising space than I’d thought). I keep finding yet more STUFF in this room! Hands up who wants to help Cas move tomorrow?!

The next time I blog it will be from the new house. Eek!

(And hangers? Hangers are the worst things to pack. They take up so much space, weigh more than you’d think, and form an impenetrable bundle of plastic and wire when you try and unpack at the other end. There has to be a better solution…)

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Palace Meadows

  1. I just dump all hangers (after arranging it nicely) into a green bag or a large shopping bag. That always solves the problem. The hardest thing really for me to move are all my electronic equipment. The wires and power cords are a nightmare to disassemble.

    Either way, see you on the other side Cas. We’ll be waiting. 🙂

  2. I’ve just noticed that according to your tally of reading material to the right here you managed to read 3 books before you were even born. I knew you were a quick reader, but wow! 🙂

    On a more serious note though, what is the new Meadow going to be called? Any ideas? I vote for Whisky Meadows.

  3. Well I’m here and not quite sure what to do with all the space I suddenly have! Unpacking is a LOT more fun than packing though 😀

    Yeah, that sidebar widget is a little buggy. I frequently just track that I’ve finished a book (but not that I started it), which completely wigs the system out.

    And oooh, Whisky Meadows is good. I was leaning towards Meadow Terrace, but that’s a bit of a come-down after a palace. Anyone else got any ideas?

  4. I saw the Meadow Terrace in your tweeting, but I took that to be part of it not the whole, if you get what I’m saying.

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