8 thoughts on “Spotty kettle, spotty mugs, and a cat bottle opener #365

    • We needed a new one and I just couldn’t resist the spotty glory! It might not be the fastest boiler in the west, but it makes me smile every time I use it 🙂

          • It was pretty recently (the date of the picture is only a day or so after I brought it) so I expect so. Argos.co.uk will have their full catalogue.

            It is a very lovely kettle, but it isn’t the fastest to boil, nor the most energy efficient.

  1. Brilliant. Thank you, its for me mum, she’s sooooo much time so slow boil will only add to the excitment I’m sure

    • It looks like they still have them, and on sale as well! (Cookworks Signature kettle in candy spot). I hope you find one and your mum enjoys it. It certainly brings a smile to our faces here every day at Meadow Terrace.

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