#365 Update: new rule

More than half way through, I feel it is time to make a slight change to the Rules for the Project #365.

From this point forward, there will be a third rule, to join
(1) the photo must be taken that day
(2) only one photo of WhiskeyCat allowed per month,

And that rule is…
*drum roll please*

(3) a maximum of one “food” picture, and one “drink” picture allowed per week.

I am simply codifying what has, up till now, been one of the Guidelines (“I will try to limit the number of photos of cups of tea”). Going through my images I have noted a high incidence of food posts, or drinks posts. Even, shock horror, food AND drink posts! As the whole point of this project was to challenge me to look at the world a bit differently and find interesting images in the ordinary, posts about what I have eaten (or drunk) seem a bit of a cop-out.

So, I am going to try to stick to just one a week. Seems fair to me.

(I’m not just taking one picture a day. Sometimes I am taking a lot more. As always you can track all the photos I am taking via Flickr – but only the #365 picture will be posted here on Bright Meadow).