You ROCK @vintagebooks. Thank you so much! XOXO Cas #365

What happened last Friday…

@vintagebooks: “It’s Friday 13th. Has anything happened to anyone that’s unlucky already?! I had a puncture, before 9am ….”

@Bright Meadow: “@vintagebooks Mr E had a power cut resulting in an alarm clock malfunction.”

@vintagebooks: “@BrightMeadow we should suggest something for him to read to cheer him up?”

@BrightMeadow: “@vintagebooks go for it!”

@vintagebooks: “@BrightMeadow perhaps something like a Mankell, just so he realises worse things can happen to others?!”

@BrightMeadow: “@vintagebooks what delightfully dark reasoning – sold! What would be a good title to start with?”

@vintagebooks: “@BrightMeadow How about The Man Who Smiled? DM us your address and we’ll send him a copy”

@BrightMeadow: “@vintagebooks oh fantastic, thank you!”

Which leads to…

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