Sunday Roast: so let’s see what happens…

Sunday Roast

Hi there. Remember me? Cas? I used to be quite good at this blogging thing. Every Sunday, for YEARS, I did this thing called the Sunday Roast. It was a mix up of interesting news items, links, videos, and general rambles on my life. They were a lot of fun to write, and we had even more fun gossiping in the comments. One thing led to another (I moved to Oxford, Twitter, jobs, health, yada yada) and I haven’t roasted since February 2009.

So I thought I’d see what would happen if I did a new one. Da-da!

Firstly, a couple of you have been asking where I got this mug from. So I will tell you. It was purchased from an Oxford shop called Ansari and is a design called “Wild Wood” from Disaster Designs. I also bought a lovely spotty blue satchel from them, and they are a GREAT spot for scarves… They can be also found on Twitter. Go on. Give in to temptation. You know you want to.

The Life in Publishing site entered my life before Christmas and I haven’t stopped laughing since. It is all just so true! (Also on Twitter)

Publishing Girl Problems is a slightly different take on the same theme. Hilariously applicable to most any career. I just wish so much of it didn’t feel like it came directly from my life.

I love the new Dr Who (I even enjoy being able to rant about Stephen Moffat and his frequently troubled take on female characters). I’m not so sure of puppets – frankly, they freak me out most of the time. Lady Jane made this Madame Tussaud puppet that I swear turns to follow me as I leave the room… Anyway. Doctor Who yes, Puppets no. Then I met the The Doctor Puppet and fell utterly in love. LOVE I tell you.

Abi Jones is one of my old blog regulars. Since she started commenting all those years ago, she has gotten married, landed a job at Google, had an ADORABLE baby, and many other things. I, on the other hand, have done none of those things. OK, now I feel a little bad about my life, so I will go read her comic and cheer up.

#Whatshouldwecallme is another tumblr (I think I have a small problem) which cracks me up. Again, eerily familiar at times. In particular this.

Lastly for today, the Pioneer Woman. She deserves a post all of her own and, maybe, I might even get around to writing it. Suffice it to say for now, I am so obsessed with her life that I am in the process of reading EVERY SINGLE POST in her archives. After a week I am now up to March 2010. It would be more, but it turns out there is a limit to how much a girl can read about cute cowboys and ranch life and sheer perfection before she wants to shoot herself in dispair because her own life will never be like that. Plus, like good chocolate, I am trying to savour it and make it last.

Talking of chocolate, American chocolate is just awful. Truly nasty. Hershey’s Kisses just taste like… *insert vomiting graphic here* To be fair, most American people I talk to agree with this. They have good hard candy, and Reeses Pieces are ridiculously addictive, but they just haven’t cracked the simple block of chocolate. I had heard good things about Godiva chocolates though, so when I was in NYC at Christmas visiting with Brother Dearest and Little Star, I gave them ago. They were OK I guess – maybe on a par with the cheap chocolate you get in advent calendars. But nothing like the luxury brand I was expecting. Which makes me wonder – what would American tastebuds do if offered Green & Blacks, or even a humble Thorntons truffle?

I’ll leave you with that thought. As ever, comments welcome 🙂

Love, Cxxx

7 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: so let’s see what happens…

  1. Hurra for the return of the Roast! I have eagerly clicked all the links…. out of interest, what is your take on Ripper Street? I watched the first one, and found it good, but kind of agreed with all of the analysis pointing out the vast amounts of naked sexualised dead women.. I’ve not managed to catch it since, and I wondered if it had shaken this off?

    • I like it. It feels like a fairly accurate portrayal of Victorian London and it’s got a good cast and script.

      I haven’t read any of the analysis. Yes, there were lots of naked sexualised dead women, but at the same time the episode was centering around a Ripper-like killing spree and that is, inherently, going to have lots of dead women. Other episodes have dealt with child crime, Jews, orphans, cholera, biological weapons, the building of the Underground… It packs a lot in and has some good female characters, not just prostitutes.

      Watch more and then we can talk properly!

      • You’re on! I just need to find a way to catch up from over here… PS, just finished Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch (sp?) and think you’d enjoy it… sort of neverwhere-meets-policeprocedural-meets-harry-potter. Sort of.

  2. The Doctor Puppet is pretty cute, even if he’s not MY doctor (Ten).

    You’re right that the average cheap chocolate here in the U.S. isn’t very good. I used to like Godiva, but I haven’t had it in years so maybe it’s changed for the worse. I usually buy Lindt if I’m going to spring for something premium. Ghirardelli is probably the best American chocolate, but it’s not as good as Lindt.

  3. Martines smelt pretty good whenever I walked past it (it’s only one block over from my brothers place!) but (fortunately?) it was never open whenever I was there so I can’t vouch for the taste.

  4. I went to See’s Chocolates in SanFran when I visited a friend there, and I thought I liked their stuff, but I received an assorted box for Christmas and I was disappointed. It was very hit-and-miss — some were great and some were just odd or mediocre.

    Martines looks yummy! Sounds like it was a mixed blessing that you couldn’t catch them open.

    If I’m ever really rich, I’ll have a box of gourmet chocolates on hand at all times. 🙂

    • My problem is I can’t just eat one chocolate. If there is a box there, I would eat them ALL. So I would rich and fat. But being rich I suppose I could afford a personal trainer to bully me and plastic surgery…

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