Sunday Roast: Sparkly!

Sunday Roast

All the links this week have come from people on Twitter. Isn’t Twitter great – I now have a gazillion blog minions out there, all finding fun things for me to roast about, and they don’t even know it. Mwhahahaaaa!!!

To start off with, who didn’t enjoy a good game of tag in the playground? But to play the same game for
23 years? That takes some unique sort of friendship. (from @jonesabi)

This perfectly sums up my attitude to dating. I once dated a guy who had no books in his house. NO BOOKS. AT ALL. He did drive a BMW, but even that couldn’t mitigate the lack of books for long. (from @girlwithtrowel)

Amazing picture of someone feeding birds in Krakow. Seriously, so much better than that sounds. (via @TomChivers)

Like coffee? Love Coffeisseur, a new coffee blog written by @peejaybe.

It goes against the grain to link to the Daily Mail, but this article at least might be worth it: the danger of little princesses. (@mushenska)

I like the odd and the strange and frequently chronicle what I see here on BrightMeadow. But I can honestly say I have never seen anything this strange whilst out and about in Oxford. (via @JillMansell)

And lastly, what happens to lovers while they are sleeping? (@Lu_Loves)

Happy weekend everyone. I am going to go back under the blankets and sleep some more now. I hate being sick. Cas 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Sparkly!

  1. I saw that picture from the tube when you shared it on Twitter. That was so incredibly bizarre. I can’t even imagine seeing that fellow in person.

    • I just want to know what on earth he was doing dressed like that! (And if he successfully got past the barriers and navigated his way onto a train).

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