Sunday Roast: my preciousssss…

Sunday Roast

So I have finally been sucked into the world of Pinterest and, as a result, I have found myself disappearing down the rabbit hole of design blogs. I say partly, because I have always read such blogs, I just haven’t been able to save/share my inspirations and lusts in such a convenient fashion before. All hail the mighty internet. It finds solutions for things I didn’t even know where a problem!

And oh, the pretty, shiny, lovely houses and design ideas… I so want my own house *whimper*. There is also a hefty amount of jewellery p0rn in there as well. I just can’t help myself.

Shana Logic has some of the CUTEST stuff in creation. Help me.

Haute Macabre – well, it’s all in the name really, isn’t it? Fashion and design for the grown up goth.

Young House LoveTHIS idea is genius. Wish I had known about it last year when I was in a picture hanging spree…

And two places that can ALWAYS be guaranteed to give rise to plenty of ideas/envy:
Design Milk
Domestic Sluttery

For those of you who aren’t a 30 year old blogger with the an urge to nest and a magpie gene, I give you some other things to ponder.

The the world in tweets is a wonderful representation of, well, the world in tweets at that moment.

Sadly, WhiskeyCat is no longer with us, and I find myself missing the fluffy little hellbeast. She was evil, but in the same way penguins are evil. It was part of her charm. Perhaps a trip to a Cat Cafe would help?

And lastly, the 50 years of Doctor Who you sort of wish we had actually had…