Sunday Roast: Awesome Sauce

Sunday Roast
Today it feels like spring is in the air. The sun is shining, it is warm enough to go out of the house without a thick jacket (just), and everything just feels fresh. I expect we’ll be back to sleet and snow tomorrow, but for now I am going to enjoy it.

What has grabbed my attention this week? Not much, because it has been a little bit busy at work, but some things have made my antenna buzz.

The Guardian has this fascinating break down of names by profession/era/education. The visuals are quite interesting.

Along with Pinterest, Tumblr has to be THE biggest way to waste an hour. I bring you WTF Evolution for your viewing… I hesitate to say “pleasure”, because frankly some of those images freaked the crap out of me. But it is amazing what variation there is in the natural world.

This spelling challenge is rather addictive (needs audio to work). I won’t admit what I got. It is slightly embarrassing.

And to finish off, here are some photos of awesome people hanging out together. Awesome.

Seen anything this week that has tickled your fancy? Why not share in the comments below 🙂