Sunday Roast: candid camera

Sunday Roast

As one week is drawing to a close, and another is adventure is about to start, I am delighted to bring you a roast. Short and sweet, kind of like myself 😉

This week started off fairly hellish as PCOS kicked my arse for the first time since last August, but bizarrely I quite welcomed the whole baby-alien-chomping-out-my-innards thing. I can’t put it into coherent words, but I felt right for the first time in a way that I haven’t for the past seven months. Turns out, I’d rather have the stabbing pain for three days out of the 30 than a sort of blah fluff in my brain for the entirety.

Still, hormones and the female endocrine system are fucking WEIRD.

And now as I have totally over-shared, why not get on with what y’all came for – the sweet, sweet linkage?

I always wondered what WhiskeyCat got up to during the day. If we’d had this CatCam, all would have been revealed.

The site is called Information Is Beautiful. Need I say more? Infographic Heaven

The voice of Christina Perri is totally seducing me right now. A Thousand Years has caught me in a spell. And no, I’m not a TwiHard 😛

If you follow me on Twitter then you know I am in the middle of a Supernatural binge. I have just one thing to say – Jensen Ackles. Hot damn. Dean would be a bastard to live with long term, but seriously, you wouldn’t push him out of bed in the morning. What tipped me over the edge was this clip. That smile at the end? I’m a puddle of goo.

I blame the hormones. Yep. The hormones.

And to complete my post, go read Matt Logelin’s blog. It will have you in tears (guaranteed), but also smiling with joy.

Oh, and yesterday I got a kick-ass new hair cut and colour and I’m feeling rather foxy. Publishing Crush, you have been warned 😉

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