Sunday Roast: insert catchy title here

Sunday Roast

It’s Sunday, I have a fringe, and I have a post of links to share. What more could be right with the world?

The Hawkeye Initiative is this great idea, where comic covers (and other media) are redrawn with Hawkeye (and other comic characters) to illustrate just how contorted and hyper-sexualized women are commonly drawn in comics. And now it’s working in real life!

I get these Blog Crushes every now and again. Currently, I am hysterically head-over-heals for everything The Bloggess writes. For example, her Rules for Life

You know the old saying “if men experienced labor the human race would die out because they can’t stand the pain”? Well, of course someone had to demonstrate it (semi) scientifically.

Tea and Kittens. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

The Gif of the day (sorry, Jif of the day): the never ending train

Monopoly was a big game in our house – still is when we can all get round a table – and we got pretty cut throat. But it turns out we never played Real Monopoly. And all I can think is Oh, My. God. Why did we never play it like this?! We always read the rules!

The Single Greatest Thing I have seen ALL DAY. Trust me.

If you haven’t watched Iron Man 3 yet, don’t click on the link. If you have, then watch this.

Amazingly weird and wacky places around the world.

Because we all need something cute

How to write a novel. Simples.

That’s me done until next week undetermined-timeframe-by-when-I-will-have-good-links-to-share. Please feel free to add more delights and joys in the comments, as always 🙂

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