QOTW: #sweetchallenge

QOTW Penguin
It started with the realization that I am no longer capable of eating a jaffa cake without going “full moon, half a moon, total eclipse“.

Nor can I eat Polos without crunching. To be fair, I find it hard not to crunch most hard sweets, but I am incapable of not crunching Polos. So bad is this habit that my friends used to ban me from taking Polos into exams because it was so distracting.

A good friend, okmissmaia can’t eat Haribo without thinking “LOOK INTO MY EYES!“, whilst Etherfiend finds eating fruit pastilles without chewing impossible (though they are a rather chewy sweet, so I’m not sure this really counts).

All of which got me wondering, what other #sweetchallenges there might be. Do tell…

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