One thought on “Yummy @sarasheridan reading goodness #mirabelle #365

  1. This is the first Sara Sheridan that I’ve read, and it seems it is her debut into detective writing.I would like to see the characters fleshed out in the next book. I found the gender and racial bias interesting – was it that “old fashioned” in the fifties? Mirabelle may have made mistakes that a field agent would not, but she was a wartime desk jockey very much dealing in theory, and I would imagine that diving into field work would in fact be quite disorienting and would indeed result in just the sort of mistakes on the ground that other reviewers found unacceptable. She did seem to learn from her mistakes.I think that this is an easy reading thriller, and I enjoyed the period background. I think the writer has the potential to improve on her style and produce a good next novel in the series.

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