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So I’m trying to get a book club off the ground because, well, it’s always fun to gossip and chat about books. The thing is, we’re stumped on what to read.

So, suggestions please!

Oh, and we’re called the “Oxford Literature and Latte Society”. Because I couldn’t find anything bookish to rhyme with tea. C’est la vie.

7 thoughts on “QOTW: Book Club

  1. I’m guessing it’s an all-girl group? Do you want fiction, genre fiction, nonfiction, or any/all of the above?

    When I was in a book club, we would rotate the decision and each month a different person would pick the book. That was kind of nice, because that meant that at least twice a year, it would be a book that I wanted to read… but sometimes, it would be a book I couldn’t stand. I suspect that happens in any group, though.

  2. It’s a shiny new group we’re trying to get off the ground. All-girl at the moment, but that’s by accident, not design. At the moment, we’re just looking for interesting new books to read. Could be anything. I know my reading, in particular, is stuck in a rut and I’m looking for something new.

  3. Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch is well worth a read if not already discovered by any of your members. Cool, magical, quirky and crying out to be made into a TV series!!

    • I’m a big fan of Rivers of London (new book out at the end of July, “Broken Homes”). I am definitely going to float it as an idea to the group, but ideally I want books that are new to everyone. Love your description of it though! Will definitely have to use it, as I *suck* at describing books without giving away the whole plot!

      • Finding a book that is new to the whole group is always going to be a challenge! Having been stuck inside the murky depths of Anna Karenina for what seems like forever I’m not great on new releases 🙁

  4. Hmm. I haven’t read much new lately. I started a book called “Ghost Planet” by Sharon Lynn Fisher, and I was really liking it at first, but then I got stuck in the middle and still haven’t finished it. I’ve been mining my shelves and re-reading old favorites instead.

    I know a couple of people who really liked the new book from Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Does that help?

    • I do have a sneaking suspicion that the new Gaiman is going to end up as the first book – especially as I’ll be seeing him talk in August (*squee*!).

      Keep the suggestions coming!

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