Questions Meme

Oh, internet question memes, we love you so much, you gift to uninspired bloggers everywhere!

This from Tembrooke via Tumblr. I’m not tagging anyone because I only really use Tumblr to keep my Sebastian Stan/Captain America/Teen Wolf addictions fed.

1. What’s your favorite board game?
I love a good game of Chess, but it’s really hard to find someone to play with. Monopoly is a close second.

2. How many books (roughly) did you read in the past year?
Around 200 – 3 to 4 a week is fairly standard.

3. What franchise do you like better, X-Men or Avengers?
Avengers at the moment.

4. What’s your favorite musical decade (70’s, 80’s, etc.)?
I have a soft spot for early 2000’s

5. If you could live in any time period in history, which one would you choose?
I quite like now actually – I’m rather attached to modern plumbing and electric kettles and affordable printed books (gods bless Allen Lane and Penguin). It would be quite fun to be running around in the 1920s though I think, so long as I had money.

6. How many foreign countries have you visited, if any?

7. Have you ever re-read a required book from school to see if you still liked/hated it?
Yep. Jamaica Inn, and still loved it. Great Expectations, and still hated it.

8. Name a TV series you’d like to see rebooted.
I don’t fully get the whole “re-boot” thing, if it is rebooting for rebooting’s sake. I’d just like for there to be more awesome stories being told, be that a reboot of an old idea, or something completely shiny and new.

9. Do you believe in luck?
I lean more towards Karma.

10. Which Harry Potter book did you like best?
The 1st, because it was a completely unexpected gift.

11. What’s your favorite Pixar movie?
Wall-E (and Brave).

Any other questions for me? Chime in in the notes/comments/Twitter/Ask box. You know you want to.