The wall of blah made over to be the Wall of Lovely. #brightmansions #365 #whatididthisweekend . Thanks to the @younghouselove podcast for giving my inspiration a much needed kick up the arse. I’ve been meaning to do *something* with this wall, but just couldn’t work out what. . Seriously guys this was so cheap (less than £20 total), so easy, and so satisfying. Totally transformed a wall I’d been unhappy with for the past four years. Sometimes you just need a prompt to look at a problem in a new way and voila! Inspiration strikes. . Big picture is a piece of wrapping paper from @frompaperchase . Little black frames are from @flyingtigeruk and the images in them are from a 2014 gettys images catalogue I’ve been hoarding from an event ages back. The other two pieces are some canvas prints I had made from flickr years ago (with photographers permission). Source your #art responsibly, people 👍🏻