Penguins With Claws

Or iPods are no longer cool.

A drastic statement I will agree, but the iPod owning population also now includes President George Bush. Apparently he listens to music downloaded (I hope legally) by his aide whilst mountain biking. Bush, not the aide. Let us put aside for now the slightly mind-twisiting image of Dubya on a bike and concentrate on the image of him using that icon of modern cool, the iPod.

Doesn’t quite work, does it?
(link to the story)

Today Chris sent me a very cute pic of a penguin he had created (with a dollup of inspiration from elsewhere) in an attempt to make me think that they aren’t evil. Too bad he then mentioned how he was now animating claws… (The picture). And I am not sure if thanks or curses are in order for the following, but he is also to thank/blame for the following link:
Everyone loves, magical Trevor…

There might be one or two of you out there who remember a certain yam & anthropology-related joke from Liverpool (you had to be there, I can’t explain). Well, I saw this cartoon, and it reminded me is all…:
Yams cartoon