eeyore’s running tip: don’t

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So it turns out that I am not quite as unfit and overweight as I had dreaded being, which is always nice to know.

The reason I know this is that I forked out £18 to a very nice man called Adrian at the gym today to have what they call a ‘full body assessment’. They measure everything from height, weight (I do like the set of scales he used. Lost half a stone just by going on them!), peak flow, grip-strength, stretchiness, the number of push-ups you can do in a minute, your body fat percentage, your aerobic stamina, the full shebang.

Turns out I am pretty much in the average and happy range on most things. My aerobic stamina is pants, but then I already knew that. My grip-strength is asymmetrical, which is a predictable hold-over from all those years of archery. Great on one side (my right), slightly less great on the other. The computer predicted that I would be able to do 11 push-ups in the space of a minute. I showed it who was boss and did 55. Again, upper body strength courtesy of archery.

It also turns out I am also one of the stretchiest people Adrian’s seen in a… ever, were his exact words. Then again, I already knew I was stretchy. I can’t quite get the legs behind my head any more, partly due to a buggered hamstring when I was 13, and assorted other bits and pieces going wrong and threatening to drop off, but if I’ve done the proper warmups, I can still get my head flat on my knees when my legs are straight out on the floor. Ahh, the benefits of being forced to do ballet as a young child.

I won’t be getting my personal training program till Tuesday 9 am, but when I get it you can be sure I will share at least parts of it with you. Yes, you heard that right, I am going to be in the gym at 9 am on a Tuesday morning.

Yeah, I don’t know what’s wrong with me either *1*.

And now, because my bed is looking very very good to me right now, I am going to go curl up in it and go to sleep. It is a very comfortable bed. Though I do have a whole noise/conspiracy rant I am working out in my head about beds, but I need to work out how to word it without sounding… well, work it out for yourself

*1*For all you working people out there, I am still a student. 9 am is the equivalent of dawn for most normal grownups.Back