the key seems to be giving Jayne a heavy stick and standing back

Cas is currently with a side order of which is severely hampering her attempt to

Today I am in such a good mood, even finding out that the Misogynistic Belgian is to blame for bollixing my server yesterday, has barely put a dent in the day. What is wrong with me! My brain has completely turned to mush and I am unable to form coherent thoughts. In the event that normal cognitive skills do not return I may be forced to subject you, my dear readers, to severe giddiness and an overuse of smilies . Should you become physically ill upon reading, I shall not be held responsible.

Thank you for your patience, please stayed tuned. I expect normal service to resume in a day or so, give or take, depending on what path events take.

So I have decided that Pool is not such a bad game after all. I’ve spent the last twenty odd years of my life determined that I am no good at it, that it is a silly game, and that I don’t like playing it. So why I agreed to go out and play a few games with the Cute Canadian last night is quite beyond me.

But play I did, in a rather nice pub called the Mitre, and all the five games we played were won by yours truly.

I would like to claim that it was my innate skill at the game showing through, but I do have a policy of telling the truth, even if it isn’t the whole truth, on this blog, so I have to admit that in the grand scheme of things, the CC’s skill was better than mine. He just cracks under the tiniest amount of pressure. Remarkably easy to distract as well.

He then got his own back by challenging me to a game of Fussball. By the end of the game I was pretty much down to ritual suicide as the only way to reclaim my honour.

Still, I won five games of Pool, he didn’t, so