where you are mentally does not have to be where you are geographically

Cas is currently though that smilie doesn’t do justice to the sheer quantity of bone-deep exhaustion I am currently experiencing.

Hello everybody!

If you keep up with Moose’s blog, you will be aware that we moved into our shiny new flat this weekend. If you don’t keep up with Moose’s blog, why not, and you might like to know that we moved into our shiny new flat this weekend.

What this means is that I only have internet when I am in the lab at the moment. I am not sure if this is going to curtail, or increase my blogging, but it will be changing things a bit. We expect to have internet in the house soon, but who knows? This whole grown-up, being responsible stuff is vastly over rated and less fun than it looks!

Looking back over the archives *1* I noticed that I have blogged very little, verging on nothing, about the trials and tribulations of the past month. There is one glancing mention of house hunting, but that’s pretty much it. Seeing as how I’ve blogged about pretty much every other major *2* event in my life, even if only in passing, this could be considered odd.

Then you think of the stress involved in finding a new place to live, and all that entails, at the same time as trying to write a thesis, and to wrangle archaeologists from all over the globe into cooperating on a project, and you might start to get an idea of why I chose not to talk about it.

Frankly, I never even want to hear the words “estate agent”, “to let”, “semi-furnished”, “lease”, or anything vaguely related to the house-hunting process ever ever again.

I am sure that, in a few weeks/months/when it comes time to move again, I will look back and say “it couldn’t have been that bad”. The body has a remarkably bad memory when it comes to pain and stress – kinda like how my mother describes childbirth. You know academically it hurts like hell, but you underestimate quite how much hell hurts.

Even now, just two days later with half my boxes still to unpack, I am starting to doubt the amount of stress I was in.

Then I look at my lack of fingernails (I had managed to break the habit, but the stress just got too much), the fact that I lost my voice at the weekend (a sure sign of stress in me), and my general inability to form coherent thought, and go “no, it really was that bad”.

I will save you a long detailed post of everything we went through – it was bad enough going through it once, and anyway Moose has promised to do the duty on that score.

What I will say though is this: the CC has been an absolute brick. With barely a murmur of complaint, he’s carted 20+ boxes and assorted bags etc up and down more flights of stairs than I am sure he cares to remember; treated us to pizza and mate; and generally been content to camp on the floor till we can find furniture. Definitely above and beyond the call of duty. A very good egg, that Cute Canadian.

I can’t be bothered to work out a good archiving system to keep track of things I find whilst browsing in the lab, so here are two posts I found this morning that I want to share:
Why Web 2.0 Matters, Round Two – Danah talking sense again. Spooky asked me the other day what this whole Web 2.0 mlarky was, and I had no coherent answer for him. This will go someway toward explaining things I think.
WFME – the Games People Play. Just made me smile is all.

*1*Yes, anything to not actually start work on the thesis.Back
*2*And frequently minor.Back