this is my house and there are certain rules about snakes and dismemberment

Cas is currently

Happiness is being able to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and not having to take your keys with you.

Happiness is being able to leave your washing up on the draining board to drain before it gets put away.

Happiness is a double bed *1*

Happiness, in general, is being moved into the flat properly. The kitchen is fully unpacked, as is my bedroom and bathroom. The living room is as unpacked as it is going to be till we can afford a sofa. I got all jiggy with a screwdriver yesterday and assembled two double beds.
Time taken? 1hr 30 for one, 30 min for the other.
Blisters? Burst the big one on my palm that I got on Sunday from doing the bookshelves.
Not having to sleep with a pillow under your hips to cushion them from the floor? Priceless. *2*

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*1*That you assembled yourself – I am the flat-pack queen.Back
*2*Imagine that last said in a Jack Davenport voice. Swoon.Back