Cas is currently

The observant among you might have noticed a few changes around the place, and these include:

  • New picture of yours truly wearing a silly hat.
  • Tweaked the sidebar.
  • Changed the text of the About Bright Meadow section some.
  • Tweaked the text of the Cast & Crew section a little bit.
  • Made the ‘Top Posts’ more prominent. As yet this is purely based on the posts I think worthy, but if you can think of others that deserve such notice, do tell.
  • Included a “Latest Research Links (from” section in the sidebar. These are sites/bits I’ve found which are more serious and related to my research than your average Sunday Roast link.
  • The latest adventures of Lara Croak, Frog Racer

I inform you of these changes for no reason other than I just like to do stuff like that. *said in the creepy voice of the bad dude from The Warriors*

I made the changes as part of my ongoing quest to get a more elegant and successful blog design. I am starting to knock up against the limitations of blogger. To be honest, I’ve been unhappy with the service for a while now, having to fudge solutions to problems such as top posts, and just giving up on categories, let alone trackbacks and the like. I’m this close (holds fingers close together) to moving to another platform. Any one got any recommendations? And a reliable host would be nice too.