nothing says christmas like animal fables in iambic verse

Cas is currently… 'planning things' at life

It’s officially Christmas (I saw the first Coca Cola advert on TV last night – holidays are coming, holidays are coming, always coca-cola!).

I don’t feel very christmassy – but what with the Monster to finish, the CC heading back to Canada, lack of employment, and my brain currently being fucked up, this is understandable. I haven’t done any gift-shopping yet, but I am in the stage of planning the cards I will be sending people.

If you want a Christmas/insert-culture-specific-holiday-reference-here card, just email me your address and I will do my utmost to make sure you get one. If you are international, make sure you give me time to cope with posting deadlines. If you don’t want to trust a random blogger (ie me) with your physical address, let me have a valid email address for you, and I will create some shiny e-card instead.

Me email, for those of you reading in RSS and who might have forgotten it (and are too lazy to check the sidebar of the site), is
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