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Mesdames et messieurs, pour le déjeuner aujourd’hui, je vous apporte le “Sunday Roast”. *1*

Science ‘must teach experiments’. I was very fortunate in my schooling and had the opportunity to do lots and lots of experiments. Three lessons a week in each science, one of those three being a ‘practical’ lesson where we got to mess around with things that might (and frequently DID) go bang. The experiments were easily the best part of the week (apart from when we had to use elodea in Biology. Elodea hates me) and have given me a love of science I hold to this day. You have to like something to do three A levels in it!

The Artful Writer: Set Lingo For Writers. A handy list of slang you are likely to encounter on-set when you’re next working with Spielberg.

Ishbadiddle: RSS Hack – for when sites annoyingly don’t have RSS.

2005 Holiday Gift Guide – New York Times. Might require registration seeing as how it is the NYT, but some groovy gift ideas, seeing as how it is coming up to Christmas an all.

Ishbadiddle: The Anxiety of Getting Things Done. In my ever continuing quest for ways to get me working again (this thesis will just not die!), I stumbled across this. Some good ideas in there. Some things I already implement, other things that I really should, office supplies I can get all excited about buying (yes, I am one of the people who will happily browse around Staples if they have an hour to kill). I know a quick fix won’t really help, but just occasionally, a quick fix makes you feel better.

BBC NEWS | Government sites ‘fail disabled’. This, whilst it saddens me, does not surprise me. Just take a look at Southampton City Council’s website for a site that is not only hideous and complex to use, but is broken on *ALL* Mac supported browsers (even Mac IE) and is slightly bent on any Windows browser bar IE. Grrr! What gets me is that they spent money on this new design, lots of money, and the old design was really rather good. I repeat, grrr.
(In a related note, I do find it mildly amusing that the government’s own report on this subject is ever so slightly broken in Safari – just a few floating table/div alignment issues that can happen to the best of us, but still…).

Jabberwocky. I used to love this poem – we had to write it so many times when we were being taught pretty handwriting in primary school that you couldn’t but absorb chunks of it. The Crazy Canalman’s rendition of it has to be heard to be believed (very very good). I think my favourite bit has to be “the vorpal blade went snicker-snack!”. GREAT line.
And, though I’m not totally sure how accurate they could be seeing as half the words Carroll used don’t even exist in English,
Jabberwocky in French
Jabberwocky in German.

Sketches… Set on Flickr. Mindbendingly pretty digital art. All… swirly. As I said, pretty.

Nose cells that may help the paralysed.

Time travel on the tube. Funky.

Snared in the Web of a Wikipedia Liar – NYT.

A Consuming Experience: Feeds: partial or full? How to have both. More how-to goodness from Improbulus.

Antartida – a photoset on Flickr. It was midweek, I felt drastically in need of some penguins to cheer me up and, as always, flickr came through 🙂

Now, don’t forget the Leftovers!

*1*Yes, bad french translated from Babel Fish. I just couldn’t be bothered to dig out the French dictionary to work it out properly. It has been seven years since I last spoke french after all.Back