The things we bloggers do…

If you want a truly… odd… eight minutes (and 29 seconds), then go download JB’s first (and he claims last) podcast. There really is nothing quite like listening to someone’s voice for the first time to completely screw over your impressions of them.

Trust me, got a grin on a mile wide.

Among other things, I have just learnt that Austin Powers: the spy who shagged me, is Austin Powers Delux in Japanese. Sure to come in handy next time we get invaded by Canadians at Meadow Towers and go on a mammoth Trivial Pursuit drive.

Oh, and before you ask, no. Definitely not. I won’t be doing a podcast any time soon ever. If you’re curious, my accent is apparently posh with a side order of Somerset wurzel. If you are really curious, I think there’s about 10 seconds of me on one of the Race For Life videos, but I’m not helping you out by linking to them.

(And oddly enough, my spell checker likes the word “wurzel” without any input from me. Cool.)

2 thoughts on “The things we bloggers do…

  1. How did I miss you bigging me up so?!!!

    Oh, I know. It was New Year Holiday and I was pissed for most of that.

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