Welcome New Blog Minions

Please put your hands together and welcome two new Blog Minions to the fold.

Joe (the Surly One) has earned his badge for sending me a new Redrick cartoon in my Christmas card (no, I’m not being slow on bestowing Minion honours, rather the card got caught up by Royal Mail and only arrived today). For those of you who know Joe/Redrick from of-old, the Surly Elven Ranger tm will need no introduction. If you don’t know him, well, Redrick is an Elf, who is known for being a bit grumpy on occasion. I have always loved Joe’s artwork, which might go some way to explaining why I have some of it emblazoned on my back, and this latest just goes to confirm my jealousy of his talent.
The Surly Elf Does Archaeology
The cartoon is on Flickr, so click to see bigger, and comment.

The River Queen gets honoured for finding the following news story today and passing it on to me over IM:
A parrot owner was alerted to his girlfriend’s infidelity when his talkative pet let the cat out of the bag by squawking “I love you Gary”.
Perhaps I should include Parrots in my list of evil animals?

Both of you get a Minion Badge to display proudly on your own website (if you have one), and are now listed as Blog Minions.

My army is growing. Mwhahahahaaa…!!!!

12 thoughts on “Welcome New Blog Minions

  1. Why thank you Dewayne, that’s a really lovely thing to say.

    I took the liberty of editing the link in your name so it points to your blog (http://shadow.wordpress.com/) and not microsoft.com. I’m not sure how the redirect happened, and if it was intentional, let me know and I’ll put everything back how I found it!

    There’s nothing else for me to say other than “welcome to Bright Meadow”. I hope you have fun and mind the penguins


  2. Great blog, I’m making more time to read the rest of your posts. :P. Keep up the good writing and thanks for your time and efforts writing.

  3. I’m not sure what it is about this post, but it sure is bringing new people (and a fair degree of spam πŸ˜• )

    Either way, welcome, welcome, new people! May you find much fun and happiness here at the Meadow, and I look forward to talking to you more as time goes on.

    ~ Cas

  4. Okay, I don’t know what it is about this post in particular, but it is getting spammed out of all proportion to my normal posts. I’m going to be turning comments off on just this post till I can work out what is going on. Sorry all you genuine commentors – you’ll just have to go and say your lovely things on another post.

    Bloody spam.

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