Super Scary

Why do I do it to myself? I know that the first five minutes of Supernatural scare the crap out of me, but still I keep watching it. This week was even worse considering I’m home alone. No sleep for ME tonight. (And yes, I know, Supernatural ain’t that scary on the scale on things, but I’m a wimp, ok?)

9 thoughts on “Super Scary

  1. “Scarecrow” – not a scary episode in and of itself, but the whole walking through the woods scene at the beginning did freak me out. Most of the problem, I hasten to add, was that I was very aware of being alone in the house.

    Not really sure why I keep watching the show actually, apart from the fact Dean is rather yummy and easy on the eye.

  2. I’m getting curiously addicted to it (along with West Wing, ER, and House, it is the only show I’ve asked Moose to record for me whilst I am away), but I am certain that without the totty (mainly Jensen Ackles who plays Dean) I wouldn’t be watching it. The storyline so far isn’t getting me intrigued enough – I would have to describe it currently as a slightly badly scripted and predictable Buffy/Angel knockoff. With cute guys. Though the it looks like things are starting to get a bit deeper and more interesting…

    Supernatural – the website. – yummy Dean (and Sam) pic.

  3. Ha! Scarecrow WAS one of the scarier ones…along with Wenindigo of course…I dont understand why I found it (Wenindigo) so scary though. Ah, but in Home when the plumbers arm gets sucked into the drain and the blood comes out the sewage bucket- Wow… So anyhow, in Scarecrow it IS scary when the guys face gets skinned off…gives me chills man. Dean rox sox off too.

  4. For me, it’s the eye candy… and that it’s like watching a mini-hammer horror each week. But then I’m a geek for monster stories.

    If you are a bit of a geek like me then the show has many in jokes and cult-culture (as opposed to pop-culture 🙂 ) references that frequently make me GLAN…

    (see, I used it twice already… pretty soon the world will have a new l33t speak acronym for Giggling Like A Nutter)


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