I’m off to see the Wizard…

Well, I’m (more or less packed). If I’ve inherited nothing else from my mother, it seems I have inherited the ability to pack large quantities of clothes into small bags. One thing I didn’t get from my mother is the need to start packing the month before. Yes, my lovely Mum insists on starting her packing a month or so before she is due to leave. The bags themselves are fully packed about a week before. I, on the other hand, did my first and only packing this evening, a bare 24 hours before I am due to leave. And did that suffering from the after effects of a migraine. Here’s hoping I haven’t forgotten anything (though as Moose points out, I’m going to Canada, not Mars. I should be able to purchase anything I desperately need).

I think the hardest part of the packing was deciding to leave my laptop at home. Very, very pathetic, but I’ve never been without my beloved Pocket Calculator for so long before. Normally, it comes with me even when I’m only going away for the night! Logically I know I shouldn’t need it – I have the iPod and a copy of Cryptonomicon for the plane, whilst I am sure the CC will let me borrow his comp to check emails and things… Still, a large chunk of my life is on/involves the laptop. It’s gonna be odd without it.

If you were in any doubts as to my geekiness, doubt no more.

I’ve queued up a mini-Sunday Roast which will (hopefully) appear on Sunday morning, but other than that, don’t look for any posts till I return on Wednesday next week. (Found a flaw with WP – you can’t email in posts like you can with Blogger. Never thought I would miss a feature of Blogger, but that feature I do miss).

If you really need to get hold of me, use the contact form which has been temporarily diverted to an email I can check on the web. Can’t promise how often I’ll check the email but *shrug* at least you have that option 🙂

And on that note, I shall leave you to have fun with the archives, and am off to have my own fun with my Cute Canadian.

4 thoughts on “I’m off to see the Wizard…

  1. I’m probably too late in asking you this, but where abouts in Canada are you coming? in any case, have tons of fun, we’ll look for you on the flip side!


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