Bright Cast: take one

I know I swore blind I would never podcast, but hey, I’m female and we’re known for changing our minds!

Anyway there are several ways for you to listen to my dulcit tones:
1) Click on the big pink button on the embedded player below. (I know, pink, but I had no choice)
2) Go to the Odeo page for the BrightCast and listen to it there. You can also subscribe to the podcast, so you will never miss an episode.

Enjoy, (and no laughing at my accent!)

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12 thoughts on “Bright Cast: take one

  1. No promises, but maybe by the end of today 🙂

    And, if anyone (for what ever reason) can’t hear the BrightCast, I do have a transcript available. I’m all for accessibility, me 🙂

  2. Laugh at your accent? Don’t you know that any (well, American) readers you have will simply be beside themself with jealousy over your extremely COOL accent?
    We’re all suckers for accents here, and you know most Americans won’t do a podcast because we all secretly hate the sound of our own voices. (It’s the lack of an accent, or rather, the presence of an American one, that gets us).
    I’m excited about Colin and already thinking of penguins.

  3. As Moose pointed out when I got home, it’s a bit mean to tell you all to think of ideas about what happens next when you haven’t even heard the first part of the story.
    So, without more ado or further gilding the lily, I’m off to record it 🙂

  4. And as for the accent –
    I do recall last time I was in NY I kept getting comments on the accent. To the point that, by the end of the week, I was reluctant to speak!

  5. Thank you for the compliment sweetie, but it’s hardly surprising I sound more English than American, seeing as how I’m as British as they come (well, Scots/Midlands with a side-order of Cockney/Scots).

    I’ve been to the States a fair bit when my brother used to work over there, and I have a distressing ‘chameleon’ accent that means I start to mimic people with strong accents within about five minutes of talking to them, but I’m English. For my sins.

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