Bright Cast: take two

I am pleased to bring you the first installment of “Salt and Pepper Chess: the Story of Colin”.

You can listen in three ways:
1) Go to the Odeo page and listen to the podcast via streaming there,
2) Go to the Odeo page, download the mp3 file and listen to the podcast whenever/whereever you want,
3) Press the pink button below and listen to the podcast via streaming all snuggled up happily in Bright Meadow.

I’m still working the kinks out of this whole “recording my voice” shenanigans. And I’m trying to keep the installments below the 2 minute mark to keep them nice and small for download purposes (not everyone has shiny broadband you know).

Second episode tomorrow 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Bright Cast: take two

  1. Oh I am impressed, you sound very intellectual with your being words like pneumonia. 😛 Now on to episode 2. The Excitment.

    JB – Grrr…. I thought I was doing good with my 10Mbps. I am in N.Ireland, and this is SUPER FAST compared to most coommon users of country. Not many people would pay £40, $71, per month. But then again, neither would I…. I just find a fault with the servicethey give me… complain, complain somemore and then they get irritated and upgrade me for free to shut me up. Good customer service 😀

    P.S sorry I haven’t commented much, I am sure you missed me Cas, but swamped with school work, also I have had enough of my friend saying he is the best at World of Warcraft and have taken it upon myself to start and DESTROY him.

  2. Pneumonia? I can see phenomena in there, but no debilitating lung disease…

    And yeah JB, grrr! We’re only on 2MB here at Meadow Towers, and frankly half the time it’s so grindingly slow we might as well be on dial-up! This bloody backwards country.

    And yes, you’ve been missed oh Minion Mine, but I totally understand the pressures of school (and online gaming of course). Somehow I don’t think “I’m sorry sir but this blog ate my homework…” is a very good excuse.

  3. Oops… Sorry about the pneumonia, I blame my spell checker, I didn’t even look at the corrections 😛
    2MB is VERY VERY FAST. But I shall assume that you meant 2Mb. And homework, I wish. I don’t get homework at my year. It is just tons and tons of tests (although I suppose revise is homework, and that’s why I am failing 😛 ) and also this stupid computing courework about a Village Hall.

  4. Oops, um, yeah, I meant 2 Mb :redface_wp:

    Now, though I am in danger of sounding like my mother when I say this: “Go! Revise!” Though I am intrigued about village halls…

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