Bright Cast: take three

And I bring you the second installment of “Salt and Pepper Chess: the Story of Colin”.

This is as far as I’d got on my own, so please – comment and let me know where to go next!

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4 thoughts on “Bright Cast: take three

  1. Large breasted lesbians and ginger losers? Oh, call me shallow, but so far, this is a fabulous tale. Now all we need are some penguins. Or laser guns. Or a hero with dark, twisted soul who’s only a hero because of a sense of purpose that drives him/her to do good acts, instead of bad. Don’t know if Colin will fit this bill. Gingers don’t generally make good heroes. Even twisted ones. Although…

  2. Definately a very original storyline so far. I am intrigued as to where this shall lead. I will be tuning in next time.
    Penguins, I am sure we can fit one in somewhere…. like “Colin crossed the road, when out of the blue, he is mugged by a giant pengiun. Of course, the penguin was caught and it turned out to be a entertainer from the zoo, who had a nervious break down.” But I am not a good writer, and will leave it in your capable hands / mouth / keyboard / microphone

  3. Nice to know that people are liking what they hear 😀

    But when I said I have no idea where to go next, I really REALLY mean it! This story has been stuck in the mud since (checks the document properties) oh dear lord, September 2005!

    So come on, more ideas!
    We need setting (some kind of office is implied from the intro, but what sort of office/how big is open).
    We need a wider cast of characters.
    And perhaps most importantly, we need a plot. Or at least a goal that Colin will be aiming towards.
    – So far the CC thinks Colin needs a pet, Moose has some madcap scheme involving global warming and a character straight out of the pages of a Clive Cussler novel, whilst JB just seems to want to hear more about Amanda the Well Endowed :rolleyes_wp:

    Oh, and expect something with minimal dialogue. I suck at doing voices. My father was always great doing the voices when he read for me as a kid. Sadly, that’s one talent I haven’t inherited.

    (And I do apologize for the style, but I was heavily under the influence of Tom Holt (and thesis stress) when I wrote that bit).

  4. Oh no, I didn’t want to hear more about her, I just liked the inclusion of a large breasted lesbian, whether she be a fleeting character or not. Its just so… racy. :tongue_wink_ee:
    Right, as for story, why don’t you make it a nondescript, boring office, where Colin the loser does sweet FA, until one day, he is plucked from obscurity for an interview that has unsettling repercussions.
    Involving his pet. And global warming.

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