I Spy

There was meant to be a Bright Cast tonight, but somewhere along the way my inspiration got swallowed up by work. I don’t think spending the last couple of hours looking dreamily at Keanu Reeve’s long legs helped much either. Hard to write about a ginger dweeb when your brain is kinda taken up with tall dark and… mmmm….. handsome.

Because I don’t want to leave y’all with nothing to read, the following is something I picked up from Nanette and Cheryl.

I am: the blondest brunette my supervisor ever met; an eternal pessimist; obsessed with penguins; eternally surprised that people want to be friends with me; confused most of the time.

I said: I can’t be just friends; more than I probably should; I’m sorry when I didn’t really mean it; I’ll see you soon, knowing it was really goodbye.

I want: to have a home of my own; to be happy; to be able to afford an external hard drive; to have a career.

I wish: I could make my mind up; I was good at making plans; that I knew what I wanted to do with my life; that it was easier to loose weight; people would just be nice to each other.

I strongly dislike: mushrooms; confrontation; practical jokes.

I miss: my Granddad; Somerset; Kingston; my cat Twigglet; the girl I used to be.

I fear: slugs; loosing my mind; infertility; dying before I work out what I want to do with my life; that I won’t have the courage to take an opportunity when it is presented to me; that someone will take away my choices.

I hear: the washing machine; traffic; John Mayer.

I wonder: if there is life on other planets; what will I be doing in five, ten years time; why I have this compulsion to write my life; if I will ever find my Prince Charming; what the people who bullied me at school are doing now.

I regret: not sticking up for myself more during my undergrad; not keeping in touch with people; not saying “I’m depressed” sooner.

I am not: the life and soul; confident; mean; sure I want children; sure I can have children.

I dance: badly; enthusiastically; not caring what other people think.

I sing: in my car; around the flat when I’m alone; without realizing when I have headphones in; out of tune.

I cry: when a movie is sad; when there is a soppy ending; at the drop of a hat.

I am not always: happy; in control; confident; nice.

I made: cheesecake; quilts; earrings; notebooks; brilliant friends; some truly awful decisions.

I write: to sort out what is going on in my head; to keep track of what is going on; to connect with people; because I can’t imagine not.

I confuse: lots of people; left and right; six and seven when I’m speaking Spanish; names, constantly; myself.

I need: to cut down on the amount of tea I drink; to get a proper job; to get out of the house more; to get fit.

I should: return emails; go to the gym more; plan my life better; make more of an effort to keep in touch with people; stop drinking orange juice from the carton.

I start: so many projects; with good intentions; drafts of emails I don’t send; each day wondering what bizarre happenstance I will get to laugh at that day.

I finish: most books I read in a couple of days; everything eventually; all the biscuits in the jar if someone doesn’t stop me.

I tag: whoever is feeling bored enough to do this 🙂

6 thoughts on “I Spy

  1. Haha, this meme gets around. I’ve done it before though. I tend to like confessional memes more than the other ones. Mine’s over here if you like to read. 🙂

  2. The I Tag: made me snort Coca-Cola out of my Nose.
    That is a good meme, I may have to attempt it, although it looks like it takes more than 15 frelling minutes, I think it will make me feel shiny.

  3. Confessional memes are ones I like best too – they’re the most interesting to read.

    Dewayne – quite why that made you snort Coca-Cola out your nose, I’m not sure, but I’m happy for you? (Is this a good response? Something I should be aiming for with all my writing?) And I honestly couldn’t say how long it took because I worked on it on and off for a couple of weeks. Probably more than 15 minutes though. Do do the meme. I’m curious as to the results!

  4. I was taking a sip of coke while I was reading that part of the post and it made me laugh, so yes it was good. I am actually about halfway through my first pass at writing up my version of this meme.

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