Monday Update: week two

Ooops. I went to bed last night knowing there was something I had meant to do. Worked out what it was on the walk home from work *blush*

Once more a little later than planned, the Monday Update. Use the ‘continue reading’ link to read the rest of this post.

Again, food wise, I’ve been pretty good. I’m still finding it hard to just use a scraping of spread (I like the taste), but I am getting better. For the ‘free day’ Meowkaat says I am allowed to have, I had hot dogs made with proper sausages in fresh finger rolls. Mmmmmmmm. Even they were vaguely healthy (as healthy as sausages ever can be) because I grilled them and had a side salad.

On the down side, I’ve had a few glasses of wine this week – the odd glass of Rose whilst with mates. And I cracked at work today and had a biscuit 🙁 Still, I managed three weeks!

Exercise wise I’ve been even worse than last week, not having been to the gym once! I have walked home from work a few times and walked round town on my lunch breaks but… Yeah, I know.

Good news is I went to the doctor at the end of last week and he’s changed the medication I’m on so, fingers crossed, the new stuff will still have the same effect of nuking the PMT/cramps/Jack the Ripper going to town on my ovaries as the old, but without the weight gain. I can but hope.

And, um, that’s it. I’ve not really missed the sweets/biscuits/chocolate/crap food as much as I thought I would. Occasionally I have a desire for something sweet (it finishes a meal off so nicely) but if I don’t buy it, I can’t eat it. Simple. This has led to me pacing the house at about 9 pm looking for a snack that doesn’t exist, and then making a cup of tea, but I defy anyone to find a cup of tea unhealthy!

Roll on week three and the start of a noticeable reduction in the wibble? Again, here’s hoping.

2 thoughts on “Monday Update: week two

  1. I have started trying to do the special k diet :-/ I have only been doing it for 3 days and I am going nuts already… gonna try and stick to it though and see what happens…

  2. Are you another Crunchy-Nut? (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

    I imagine it would work because you body goes “awww, fuck! what the hell are you doing?!” and your weight crashes in those two weeks. After that, you balance out. And start to experience malnutrition I imagine.

    Three days – credit to you! I doubt I’d last even that. Other than the fact I have to take my cereal with water if I have it in the morning (a bowl of milk that early just makes me feel sick) it just sounds soooooooooo boring… And expensive because, of course, only Crunchy Nut Cornflakes would do 😀

    Then again, it’s my graduation in two weeks time. I could do with loosing a couple of pounds before then if I’m to minimize the risk of looking like the short, fat, penguin I did in the last batch of graduation photos.

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