Gym Tracking

Weight – still magic number + 4. This is mildly annoying, but the wibble is definitely starting to firm up a bit, so I can live with that.
10 min walk to gym.
3km on cycle = 9.19 min.
1km on rowing = 5.22.9 min.
15 min resistance = mainly legs. I tried to do arm stuff but my wrist just wasn’t playing ball. It wasn’t strong enough to either push or pull 🙁 I did manage 10 stomach crunches though, so go me!
10 min walk home.
Eat food – so, so hungry! That’s a good sign, right?

Gym Tracking

Weight – same as before.
10 min walk to gym.
3km on cycle = 9.30 min.
1km on rowing = 5.02.9 min.
15 min resistance (mainly arms).
3km cycle again = 9.50 min.
10 min walk home (resisting the temptation to get the bus).

Gym Tracking 1

Ok, because I have the memory retention of a mentally deficient guppy, I need to record this somewhere:

feeling – tired, slightly woozy, but determined to do some exercise.
weight – (magic number no-one but me is going to know) + 4
ten minute walk to gym
1.2 km treadmill, 11.00 min (fast walk up incline + 2 x 1 min sprints)
500 m rowing, 2.40 min
ten minute walk home