Monday Update

I am a bad person. Yet again I forgot to do this on Monday. Um, oops?

Well, the last week has gone pretty much as the weeks before it. I am starting to get heartily fed up with cereal for breakfast everyday, though for some reason cereal in the evening doesn’t bother me. I do know that all that milk in the morning is really not working for me as I tend to spend the next few hours sitting at my desk feeling stodgy and uncomfortable. As it’s the last day of the ‘silly amounts of cereal diet’ (SAOCD) today, I won’t be having cereal for breakfast again.

Has the ‘SAOCD’ worked? Er, not appreciably, no. I haven’t had a chance to weigh myself yet (I might be going to the gym tonight, so I’ll check then) but I think the mild reduction in the wibble I noticed the other week was, as I suspected, wishful thinking. Not that I am exactly surprised as it has confirmed something I knew already – fad diets really are a waste of time. Eat healthily and, most important get some exercise. This last has been sadly lacking for me lately. I have all these great intentions, but it is just too hot at the moment. Yes, pathetic excuse, and I know there are places that are much hotter, but our gym lacks air conditioning. Last time I went in there a week or so back I nearly passed out from the heat and that was before I’d even tried to exercise!

So there you have it. I am still wibble-ific but on the plus side, I think these past two weeks have trained me to accept smaller portions and like salad. Neither of which is bad, right?

I was so hoping I’d be looking all slim and elegant for my graduation tomorrow though. Ah well, once more with the looking like a dumpy penguin.

5 thoughts on “Monday Update

  1. I know the feeling with the lack of excercise. I live in Phoenix, AZ and it gets up to about 110 during the day, and I don’t have access to a gym so a 10 minute work out is usually enough to cause passing out syndrome LOL

  2. I can’t believe our gym, that was built only three years ago, wasn’t built with air conditioning. I know it is not a standard in this country but surely someone went “hmmmm, exercise makes people hot. There’s no airflow in this building. Perhaps air con would be a good idea”.

    No, they didn’t do that. They did try to retrofit air-con last summer, but they might as well not have bothered for all the difference it makes.


    Oh, and I didn’t get to the gym last night – as I thought, too hot!

  3. Good gravy… no air in a GYM? You Brits are masochists! Heh heh. I’ve actually been having the same problem…it’s too friggin hot to work out. Eating lots of fruit instead. Taking immodium AD for the lots of fruit. Whoops…too much information…why do I do that?

  4. LOL!
    That was the one drawback I found when I was having fruit smoothies everyday for breakfast. Worked really well but there were certain… repercussions.

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