Monday Update: Week… Oh, I lost count at around week 2!

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that these updates are getting shorter and shorter. Unfortunately, I’m not getting thinner and thinner…

Clearly I am one of those unfortunate people for whom just eating healthily is not enough. I also have to massacre myself at the gym. Memories of the all the hard work I put in last year for only a small benefit are really rather depressing. Then again, I can’t go on as I am, especially not with the Crazy Canalman’s target weight being, um, pretty much what I weigh right now *blush* My father is on cloud nine at the moment as he’s the size he was seven years ago! All credit to him – I am immensely proud. Unfortunately, he’s turned into a health evangelist.

Evangelists of any stripe are the one thing guaranteed to really p*** me off (yes, I am sure your way of life is far superior to my own, but go and be smug and self satisfied at someone else please before I say something I’ll regret) and for some reason health evangelists are the worst. Think White Goodman in Dodgeball. I’m much more of an ‘Average Joe’s’ kinda gal.

So grrr at my father for getting all “why aren’t you healthy Cas? Why? Why? You should look after yourself Cas. Why aren’t you looking after yourself Cas?” Grrr. I am looking after myself. Just… Not as much as I was last summer. It really doesn’t help that I don’t have much of a come-back other than “I’m tired and it’s too hot…”

So I am still eating healthily. I am still making a point of not buying snack foods and doing my damnedest not to tuck into biscuits when I’m at work (I had about six cups of tea today to stave of hunger pangs). It doesn’t help when Moose goes and makes Banoffee Pie at the weekend, but… Oh, meowkaat says you’re allowed the odd treat and I’m choosing to believe her 😀

I walked home from work today and (unless I am at deaths door or it’s raining the full compliment of the local RSPCA) I will be walking home every day. As soon as I am back to feeling on top form I will also be going to the gym more. I’ve been feeling off colour for the last couple of weeks – as soon as Bouncy Cas returns (which I have an inkling might coincide with a prolonged drop in temperatures), Cas will be bouncing off to the gym.

And… I’ll stop now. Really feel like I am saying pretty much the same thing each week. Starting to bore myself actually!

3 thoughts on “Monday Update: Week… Oh, I lost count at around week 2!

  1. hey! you planned to have pizza on Saturday before I even considered making the banoffe pie, so don’t blame me!! 😀

  2. It was a ‘free day’ – we’re allowed them, remember? And it was very good banoffee pie 😀

    *bounces* for Surly.

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