The Calling

OK, so today at lunch time I was very bored and very pissed off with work (this week is the admin week from hell – roll on next week and the new job!) and when I’m bored and pissed off I have a tendency to spend money. If it’s money I don’t have even better… I’m now the proud owner of two more books (Akira vol 1 & Ronin) and a CD by a band “The Calling”.

I don’t listen to much radio so I’m not exactly ‘hip’ to the latest bands. I do occasionally watch TMF if really bored so have a passing understanding to some of the latest popular/indie music. It’s also hard to move in this country without hearing music in shops and on the bus so whilst I’m not up to date, I’m not in the Stone Age either.

I’d heard “Wherever You Will Go” by The Calling being played in various places before I knew who they were. I happened to be channel hopping at the weekend and passed through a “Top 50 hottest guy’s” feature as it was in the middle of the song. The power and beauty of the singers’ voice caught me before I saw what he looked like.

I couldn’t believe it! He had the voice of a fallen angel. The mental image in my head was a 30-something Nickleback grunge guy. Rough around the edges, just as I like ’em. Instead I get this 16 year old pretty boy! Honestly, he wouldn’t look out of place in Hanson (I’m not linking to them, if a link even still exists). That’s not to say he IS 16 but… Dear god I’ve not seen/heard such a mis-match of voice and face in a long while.

I am seriously in love with this guy’s voice though. It’s like a good whisky – smooth, long, with a kick at the end that warms you down to the cockles of your heart. A girl would go a long way for that voice… And in five, ten years I expect the face will match. When it does *whistles* watch out.

Till then? And back in the real world? That’s why I like music. You can plug in the headphones and be in another world. Who cares what you look like 😉

PS – the music ain’t half bad either. It would be generic boy-band/soft-rock lyrics with any other group but… Oh that voice.

6 thoughts on “The Calling

  1. I never said they were a *great* band, just that the lead singer’s voice is awesome.

    And yes, Ronin is good. I’m in the middle of a graphic novel binge at the moment for some reason. Got five from the library the other week, I bought those two, I expect I’ll be buying more. I blame V for Vendetta. I wasn’t a fan before I read that last year (and I read the book before I saw the film, though the film is also quite good).

  2. The Music Factory – it is the MTV spin-off that they air on Freeview in the UK (a free to watch digital service with around 30 channels).

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