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The following is annoying me today – the person on Flickr with the username ‘Cas’ is blatantly not making full use of the Flickr-y goodness.

S/he’s had the account a while (at least a year and half) because when I registered with Flickr the name was already taken, but still.


I would make SO much better use of that name!

12 thoughts on “Flickr Usernames

  1. I have a similar issue. With my online image centering around my initials – CK – you can imagine the problems when registering at places.

    Most recently was establishign an online accoutn for Battlefield 2. i swear that every combination similar was taken, even with seemingly random strings of punctuation either side (.:CK:., for example).

    *shakes fist*

  2. From one CK to another I can sympathise.

    I remember the time I had to sign the bottom of a sculpture I’d made in art class – we had to number them, so I wrote “CK1” – Oh, the jokes 🙄

    Even today people think they are the first to notice.

    And then when I go the full whack with CLK… Well, at least it’s a classy car.

  3. Ask them. You never know.

    If they refuse, throw in a pro account and offer a cute gravatar to boot.

    If all this fails, send in 007 to, um, ‘make sure the target poses no further threat to your intrests’.

    Perhaps we could also ‘take care’ of the obnoxious little rat that has my name and doesn’t exactly use it to its fullest!

  4. I was contemplating sending them a “flickr mail” but then I thought of the hassle… If I hadn’t upgraded to a Pro account on my current Flickr ID then I might pursue it more, but as it stands it’s much more fun to just sit and grumble.

    I wouldn’t mind so much if ‘Cas’ was actually using the bloody account.

    We should revolt and take back our names! I mean, what’s the point in being in 9rules if we can’t use our godlike powers for evil once in a while?

    There shall be only one Cas… (Or Nils)

  5. I looked into that long ago with my name, the “jay” in Flickr hasn’t uploaded a thing since mid-2005. I wasn’t even quick enough to snag “jay” on Zooomr when they launched… but I did manage to get “zooomr“! 😉 Mwwwahhaahaa LOL

    And I just checked, “casseems to be still available on zooomr. And you still be able to get a free Pro account, too.

  6. I could get a Zooomr account, but I’m a Flickr girl at heart (no one has made clear what Zooomr does that Flickr doesn’t) and then *I’d* be the annoying person squatting on the username…

    But sod it!

    Ok, so I have a Zooomr account ( not pro though because I couldn’t get their proitizr page (or whatever it is called) to work. Sad, but there you go.

    Nor could I, annoyingly enough, find a ‘contact us’ email option ANYWHERE. Perhaps I am being extra blonde this morning.

  7. Don’t get me wrong either, I’m sticking with Flickr. There just no way I’m going to upload 2,000+ photos to Zooomr. Especially since Zooomr doesn’t seem to want to keep me logged in, that’s a HUGE annoyance for me. So registering the username “zooomr” was my subtle way of stickin’ it to ’em (if they even care).

    And for the longest time they didn’t even have an uploading tool which was extremely annoying (but now they do). They’re growing, and I wanted an account to better keep an eye on new features. If I’m not mistaken, I’ll have that Pro account for life, so hopefully no fees, ever, which might turn into a good thing if I ever do choose to quit Flickr (not bloody likely).

    Enjoy it, be that annoying person. 🙂
    (btw, try contacting Kristopher Tate at if you’re still inclined on trying to nab a Pro account)

  8. I’ll try that tomorrow – right I’m now drunk from a dinner party and my left ring finger is being held together with a plaster (it was touch and go whether I went to A&E or not for stitches) because I managed a very spectacular injury with a hoover, a radiator, and the goldfish bowl… The gods are telling me never to own another goldfish!

  9. Anatomy of the Accident:

    Cas is hoovering the floor.
    There is an almighty crash and the sound of breaking glass.
    Moose asks “are you ok?”
    Cas says “No…”
    Moose goes “Ack! My cheese sauce is thickening! Can you wait a few moments?!”
    Cas mumbles “OK, but can you then get me a plaster?” (mumbling because her left ring finger is clamped to her lips to stop blood gushing all over the cream carpet).
    Moose tends to her cheese sauce then gets plasters – lots of plasters – and starts the task of stemming the tide. If we hadn’t been having a dinner party an hour later, I have a feeling I should probably got in a taxi and headed to A&E for stitches. It was very impressive.

    What had happened is that Alexander’s (RIP) goldfish bowl (and it was a proper bowl) was on the floor behind the bin until I found a proper place to keep it. I was hoovering the floor, needed to hoover under the bowl, and somehow the bowl ended up crashing against the radiator, smashing, and slicing my finger open in the process.

    It’s right on the bend of the finger as well. Makes typing a pain (literally). If it wasn’t so gruesome to look at I’d take a picture…

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