Don’t tell me what happens in Season Three of Lost. I haven’t even watched the end of Season Two yet (for some reason I’m just not in the mood to watch the video).

For that matter, don’t tell me what happens in Season Three of Battlestar Galactica, especially seeing as how I haven’t seen Season Two yet.

I want to try and maintain the suspense of what happens in the second part of Season Two of Grey’s Anatomy (for some reason Five stopped screening mid-season).

I would like to remain clueless as to the plot intricacies of the new Aaron Sorkin show with Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry (Studio something).

Basically, I’m banning you from talking about TV shows. Especially American TV shows that haven’t made it across the pond yet. In return I’ll try not to reveal what happens in Dr Who and Torchwood (when the new seasons start)


Oh, and no talking about ANY seasons of 24 – yes, I know, it is shocking, but I have somehow managed to have watched NONE of them yet. I have season one in video form sitting by the machine (yes, a real life video you have to manually rewind. They do still exist) and I am sure that illyna will continue to supply the seasons to me as I become ready, but I want to make this voyage of discovery as unhindered as possible by plot spoilers.

(Though I already know that Jack Bauer has died/near died often enough to make me think he has a revolving door in the afterlife. Ahh, Jack…)


14 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Are you going to update your Akismet settings to block all comments with words such as “Lost”, “Grey”, etc…? lol

    So no more talking about lost puppies, grey skies or sunsets, mentioning that there are 24 hours in a day or talking about the anatomy of a frog either! 😛

    This smart-ass comment brought to you by the new show “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”.

  2. Cas, America is on Season 4 of Lost… where have you been?? Oh yeah, in Europe.

    FYI, some other things for you folks across the pond to look forward to that are cool in America right now:

    1. Mexicans.
    2. Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. That’s right, we told you he was cool, then we told you he wasn’t, and now we’re telling you to love him yet again. Live with it.
    3. England. Yeah, we think you guys are cool. But you can’t feel that way about yourselves until we feel that way here and then send that feeling over to you. So stay humble for now, you bastards.

  3. Jay – that’s an idea I hadn’t thought of before… Might just do that.

    CWW – England’s cool right now? Cool 😉

    JB – I had suspected something like that…

  4. D’oh! My apologies me dear! I linked it simply to show CWW that they’re in season 3, not to give anything away! My bad! 🙂

    In any case, it’s not I made you click it… but I must know, did you click the link? Didja didja?

  5. I have, so far, managed not to click the link.

    I might break down and click it once I have seen the last two episodes of season two, but I am currently being strong.

  6. Cas, as the person who ou will most likely give the plot away to when you are unable to contain yourself any longer, please remove temptation and take the link out – without looking at it! Remember what happened when you read about season 6 of West Wing??

  7. Moose has a point…

    Sorry Jay, but in the interests of household harmony, I had to zap the link.

    I made the mistake with West Wing series 6 of reading Television Without Pity before hand… They do a bloody good synopsis for the record. I almost didn’t have to watch the show when it finally aired over here.

    Yeah, I have a bad track record with giving away endings *blush*

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