15 thoughts on “Umbrellas

  1. It was quite good going, even for me.

    And I think not on the presents – my track record with umbrellas is NOT good (as you might have guessed) and I couldn’t guarantee that it would survive.

    Also, umbrellas are the last resort with me. Unless is it absolutely bucketing it down, I am normally fine with a hat or scarf over my head. Trust me, it’s safer for all concerned if I don’t use an umbrella – passing pedestrians who are in danger of being crippled by me and my weapon; me because holding an umbrella occupies a hand that could be better used holding shopping bags; and most importantly the umbrella because I am certain to destroy it sooner rather than later.

  2. That was the whole idea… if we all get you an umbrella, then hopefully you’ll have a supply for the year. 😀

  3. But I would feel bad because I was breaking my Christmas presents.

    That, and if you are determined to get me gifts, I can think of things I *much* rather want 😉

  4. You didn’t have to say anything – you dot-dot-dotted and exclaimed in an insinuating manner. I have known you too long my fine feathered french fry – to my eternal misfortune I know how your brain works.

    I know what you meant.

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