Note Bene

Note well, all my fine feathered international friends: the clocks changed here in the UK this weekend and went back an hour. Which means were are now on GMT.

8 thoughts on “Note Bene

  1. I wish I had made the most of that extra hour in bed – sadly, I was up till near 3 am reading (damn books you can’t put down), so even with the extra time I didn’t get my full eight hours.

    Zombie Cas.

    I really cannot wait for this week to be over…

  2. I got an extra hour of partying in last night. Halloween parties rule! I was “dressed” as a “photographer”, clever huh? 😉

  3. Something ironic about reading a comment was apparently written quarter of an hour into the future on a post about correctly setting clocks…

    Last night’s Halloween outing had me dressed as a hobo. There was very little appreciation for the effort that went into the authentic beard.
    Better costumes included the guy in the Scream mask moving like a maniac on the dancefloor, the complete Scooby-Doo gang and 3 Ghostbusters (hats off to the DJ for noticing their impromptu entrance and playing the theme tune).

  4. There’s always one clock you forget to set!

    Last time I dressed up for Halloween I ended up as cat, complete with ears and tail – considering the amount of interest and pulling that tail generated, I’m surprised I still had it attached at the end of the evening! It was a great prop…


    Those were the days 😀

    I’d post a picture of Bimbostar’s prize winning outfit (and it really did win her a prize) but I think she’d probably not be very happy.

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