Sunday Roast: time for killer mushroom roulette

First off my heart felt apologies to anyone who has had the misfortune of trying to get hold of me the last two/three weeks. I’ve been even worse than normal due to a larger-than-usual workload. Any one who managed to get even one email/phone call/text out of me is a lucky sod indeed. All the rest of you – the good news is that the main time-eater ends on Wednesday, then I’m pootling back to the Homestead that weekend to recharge my batteries, and expect to be back to my usual effervescent self from the 6th of November.

Till then, please remember – it’s my sheer scattiness and email-dodging skills that make you all love me so much, right? 😉

From what I’ve seen of Canada in person and on the TV, I think it’s a lovely place. Different enough to be, well, different, but with enough of a European feel to make it feel like ‘home’ at the same time. I never really thought of Montreal as a place to visit till lately, but it looks nice.

One of my minions has some news: JB got married! Congratulations and bon chance JB 🙂

Apparently Harrison Ford feels fit enough to play Indiana Jones in the fourth movie. Ok, so he’s well preserved I’ll give him that. It’s just that they’re thinking of bringing Sean Connery back as Indy’s father. I love the first three movies with all my heart and I think that Sean Connery was an inspired choice for Papa Indy, but seriously – the age gap was never very convincing in the first films. Now it is just going to be unbelievable. *grumble* *mutter about silly sequels ruining favourite movies* *grumble*

I’ll still go and see it when (if) it finally gets released though 😀

I was tidying up my inbox the other day and came across this little gem that kept us amused one day when we really didn’t want to make bus passes (oh, the joyous jobs I held as a temp). Go on, I challenge you all to draw a pig.

We all know I have trouble with brevity, so I admire those who can put across their meaning with the minimum of wordage. WIRED magazine asked sci-fi, fantasy and horror writers to take a shot at writing six word stories. These are the results. My favourite is Margaret Atwood’s “Longed for him. Got him. Shit.“.

I was going to include a six word story of my own on this post, but I drew a blank. Can you think of any?

We all fell in love with Moo cards when the first came out – now they’ve launched Skype MiniCards. Not sure if they’ve got any left, but they were dishing out free batches of ten again…

Well that’s the USA out as a holiday destination for me.

See, I’m not the only one who’s pants at corresponding. Writing, any writing, takes time and mental energy. I don’t like to dash emails off in a hurry, preferring instead to think things through – when you get an email from me it’s because I’ve taken the time to make sure it says what I really want it to say (well, a girl can try). Yes the delivery of an email might be more-or-less instantaneous, but that doesn’t mean you have to be careless with what you say.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

And to finish with the Sunday Funny: you have to ask yourself, geese (and penguins) may be evil, but what about the swans?

I was going to include the trailer for the Dixxy Chicks documentary “Shut Up And Sing” in the Roast, but Apple is saying ‘file not found’. The best I can do is link you to the main Weinstein Company page and suggest you watch it there. Sorry it has to be Flash.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: time for killer mushroom roulette

  1. Yeah, I’m not sure about the Indiana Jones either, but of course I’m also going to see it. Any ideas what the storyline could be? Indiana Jones Dozing Off During the Meeting of the Museum’s Board of Directors?

    And oh, I drew a pig, answered the questions, but I was not happy when they compared the smallness of the tail I drew with the size of my, um, you know. I simply ran out of space!

    Great Sunday Roast, thanks!

  2. My pleasure 🙂

    And I’d forgotten how hard it is to draw with a mouse! I am painfully embarrassed by my pig. The other thing I’d forgotten was that it gave no guide as to what equals a small/medium/large ears/tail. My medium might be someone else’s small etc…

    Apparently I am:
    a realist (ok)
    believe in tradition (up to a point)
    are friendly (yes)
    remember dates such as birthdays (dear lord no!)
    I’m also emotional and naieve (you could argue this either way)
    care little for details (oh contraire my friend, I’m as anal as they come)
    am a risk taker (once I’ve thought through the options yes, I will be daring if daring is required).
    And I’m secure (LOL! Er, no 😛 )
    stubborn (yup)
    and stick to my ideals (yes)
    Oh, and I am a good listener (I’ll agree to that).

    I will not comment on the size of my tail and what it says about me 😉

  3. Two words: Montreal ROCKS

    … Mostly cause I’m here! 😉
    I saw that NYT article early last week, they did a good job.

  4. So… how come USA is out as a holiday destination? If you have already have a passport, you still get in on the VWP. As from… next year? All UK passports will be biometric, so you will get in on the VWP.

  5. RIB: Because I don’t WANT a biometric passport.

    Plus, my current passport is valid till 2010 – I’m not shelling out for another one just so my civil liberties can be further infringed for non-sensical purposes by paranoid regimes.

    And before anyone says anything, biometric passports would NOT have stopped planes smashing into the Twin Towers. Nor for that matter would an ID card.

    So there 😛

  6. I never do things by halves. I’m getting married again in two weeks. Just in Belfast this time. 🙂 And thank your for your Congratulations!

  7. HA! I was truly wondering if you’d explore that Biodome link. 😛
    I was debating linking directly to the penguins, but I had a feeling that you’d go searching. I hate being right all the time! 😉

  8. A second wedding JB? You are a brave man 😀 Congratulations again mon amie.

    And Jay, of course I went looking. I need holiday destinations after all!

  9. I was counting on it sweetie! It’s a date 😀

    (And I’m sorry, but I was picturing you saying “how interesting” in a Mr Burns voice…)

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