Ah, bless the Dungeon

Keeping with a long and cherished blog tradition, I’ve been out to play, so now I have to write my drunken blog post.

Well, not exactly drunken. More “feet hurt, eyes sore from the smoke, all jazzed up and buzzing from the music and dancing” blog post. Same effect, less liver damage.

I hadn’t been out in a fair while (at least a month) due to my insanely busy October, but this weekend was reserved a long time ago by illyna to get me out to play – once the sophisticated dinner party with the Divine M fell through ( 🙁 – but only postponed till next week – 😀 ) the way was clear for her to kidnap me. Rarely has there been a more willing kidnap victim.

There’s really not alot else to say really. The company was good. The dancing was fun. Sadly the music wasn’t at it’s best (we’re working on the hypothesis that it was the relief DJ). But it was still… fun. It’s always good to let my hair down, especially as I don’t get to do it enough 🙁

I was trying to describe the Dungeon to my work colleagues (as if the fact the place is called the Dungeon isn’t clue enough) and why I like going there so much. It’s not just that I like the music – in fact I rarely listen to the heavy rock/metal/goth/who-knows-what that is played there, apart from when I’m there. Whilst I do enjoy what they play, it’s more the atmosphere. Some people find the idea of the place intimidating. Instead you can be guaranteed that no matter what you are wearing and how you dance, someone will be dressed weirder/worse and be dancing far worse. More to the point, no one cares. I had a lovely conversation with someone in the ladies this evening, all because I leant her my eyeliner (if ever there was a group of people that kept Rimmel in business with black eyeliner it’s the clientele of the Dungeon). I even got a random compliment on my sparkly top.

As I said, friendly. It may be a bit of a seedy dive, but I will always have a place in my heart for the Dungeon. And on that note, I’m off to sleep the sleep of the tired 🙂

5 thoughts on “Ah, bless the Dungeon

  1. There’s a similar place in Montreal (several places, really, but this is my favourite) called Foufounes Electriques – or “Electric Asses” loosely translated. 3 floors of rock/alternative/heavy metal music. The music gets louder and harder on the upper floors. There’s even a mosh pit on the 3rd. Tonnes of fun and bruises. They often have live music as well.

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  3. I tell people this all the time. Only pub/club in Southampton I can go and know that I’ll meet someone I know and won’t have to put up with cheesy one-liners and drunken cat-fight hungry towny girls.

    It’s also the only venue in Southampton I’ve never seen a fight in, despite all the angry and angsty music- goths and metallers are a fluffy lot really…….

    Still, ‘normals’ recol in horror when I mention the place …… I don’t get humanity………

  4. oops. I so can’t type today, which is not helping the tedious SQL I am trying to write 🙂

    recol was meant to be recoil in the above!


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