I no longer like Flickr

Quick question for you –

Do you prune all the pictures of the ex from your Flickr account or, like the good little masochist that you are, do you keep them in there as a grim reminder of what you no longer have?

I’m not saying either way is the right way, and I expect it would have a lot to do with how the break up went, but, well, I’m curious.

This muse is in no way prompted by my evil Flickr badge randomly showing three pictures in a row. Each time I refreshed the page.

No way at all.

11 thoughts on “I no longer like Flickr

  1. I still have a bunch of photos of the ex(s). I guess it might be because we’re still friendly, go for coffee and the like. I’m a sentimental sap, though, I can’t bring myself to delete things like that for some reason. There is simply no reason when things are relatively well.

    What you may want to do if you’re unsure about deleting them is to change the tags, put them in a private photoset or just adjust your flickr badge to not show that tag (if it’s an option).

  2. I still keep pictures of my ex. Not really masochistic, more like part of life’s up and down kinda thing. The same way I still keep my posts about my ex on my blog. Something I can now look back and say those were the good ol days.

    We get through them eventually…now we just learn to look at it with a passing glance.

  3. I find the idea of removing or destroying photos of my ex quite belittling. It is like saying that that period of my life doesn’t hold enough value to remember properly.

    Furthermore I want to remember my mistakes, what went wrong, so that I don’t repeat them again. Hard to do when only preserving a memory of the good times.

    It’s not a reminder of what I no longer have; it’s a lesson for my future self.

  4. If it bothers you, take them off, if it doesn’t, leave them.

    They’re still on the pocket calculator. Taking them off Flickr is hardly the same as having a boyfriend bonfire. 😀

  5. You’re really miffed I never had that boyfriend bonfire, aren’t you Moose? I can see I’m gonna have to dig out the football he left behind so we can stab at it with knives.

    Like Jay, I’m a sentimental sap and don’t like to delete anything. (Though there’s probably a better word than ‘sap’)

    But Dan, I don’t think I need pictures to remind me of any ‘lessons I need to learn’. If that’s the only reason to keep pictures it is rather sad. I’d rather keep pictures around because they remind me of the good times – in fact that’s what I do do. Trawl my photostream and there will be pictures of more than one of my ex’s (in one case as my mother puts it “my lucky escape” 😀 )

    And like Edrei said, there’s still a fair few posts mentioning him (and others) on the blog. I couldn’t delete pictures and not blog posts, and where do you stop?

    Any supporters of the “slash and burn” approach out there, or are all the readers of Bright Meadow as disgustingly well balanced, disappointingly philosophical and unnaturally non-bitter as this lot?

  6. I’ve done slash and burn. It felt good. Liked when I burned my evil waitressing shoes……. but better!!!!

    But wasn’t it kinda mutual? Slash and Burn is good if one party (i.e. HE, and yes chaps, it’s always fault :P) was to blame, but when it’s just a drifted/stupid pond break up then what’s the sense?

    Keep ’em! That night out rocked!!!!


  7. OK, I may be doing PGR stuff with computers but that does not in any way onclude and of this multimedia thang. So I can’t firgure out how to edit my post and will have to commit the sin of double-posting.

    Please insert the word ‘your’ between always and fault in the above.

    Bedtime for me.


  8. Stuff sad, downright tragic I’d say Cas.

    Donate the footy. I’m sure there’s a couple of deprived kids around St Mary’s that could do with it.

  9. Neko, 1) Double posting is fine. It increases my comment count and makes me look more popular 😉

    2) You aren’t missing anything – there is no way to edit comments once they are made short of emailing me/IM’ing me and begging that I go and sneakily edit behind the scenes. Theoretically I could set it so that people could edit comments, but you’d have to register for an account first, log in each time and… Quite simply I don’t think the need is there. That, and it leaves gaping security holes on a server that already isn’t exactly up to the job. But that’s just me – if you (or anyone else) can persuade me, then I’ll do the necessary dirty with the settings 🙂

  10. When I had that falling out with our “mutual friend” I went on a slash n burn campaign. Part of me regreted that, part of me didn’t.

    It is of course a moot point now

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