Sunday Roast: Write Your Own Roast (1)

Well, I thought I would be back in time today to do a late Roast, but I’ve been detained in London slightly longer than planned with Boat Shows and building kitchens. Therefore, I would like to introduce you all (or remind you of) a Great British Tradition – Do It Yourself.

Fanfare please…

Write Your Own Roast

The rules are simple:
In the comments, simply provide a link you think is Roastable and give a short explanation or commentary. Points for humour, topicality and general oddness (you all know the kind of things that get roasted by now).

Things to bear in mind:
1) I’ve got WP set up to automatically put in moderation anything with more than one link, so don’t put two links in one comment. If you want to roast two (or more) things, write two comments (I know it’s a bit of a drag, but I’ve been hammered with over 1000 pieces of spam in the last 24 hours so I’ve got to be cautious).
2) Try and keep it (moderately) clean people – I’m thinking particularly of YouTube videos and the like. While we’re all friends and easy going people here, try not to be too offensive. Anything that you’d consider NSFW (not safe for work) is probably not appropriate for the blog.
3) And that’s it! Have a good time and I’ll join in the fun when I get back to Meadow Towers at god-knows-when!

I’d love to see new people in the comments as well. If you’ve been reading for a while and have been reticent about joining in before now, I think this is a perfect time to pop your cherry. Or even if this is your first time at Bright Meadow, why don’t you say hello? We’re all nice people here πŸ™‚

p.s., Thanks to Moose for the idea for this!

p.p.s., Minion-hood awaits for anyone who participates. Exciting!

25 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Write Your Own Roast (1)

  1. Woot! I get to be first…

    Did you know there are things in the upper atmosphere above thunderstorms called sprites and elves?

    Yup… As Cas explained we can’t have too many links so here is the wikipedia page with all the links to find out more about these giant red carroty thing in the upper atmosphere. Made of plasma, aparrently….. I found some cool animations/ tiem delay photos of these but can’t find the link again now. If you google the acronym for elves from the wikipedia page you get cool articles and websites….


  2. My turn, my turn!

    This week I have found possibly the cutest online game ever. It is called Winterbells, and the aim of it to guide the rabbit into the air by hopping on the bells.

    As with all Orisinal games, its simply adorable! High score here – 12250. Oh, and the sound is amazing as well.



  3. It’s a little old now, but this is quite amusing:

    Errors in the media in the last year. Some are quite funny. Liek this:

    It has come to the editor’s attention that the Herald-Leader neglected to cover the civil rights movement. We regret the omission.


    Following our article on Princess EugenieÒ€ℒs birthday celebrations, we have been asked to point out the party was closely monitored by adults throughout and while a small amount of mess was cleared away at the end of the evening, there was no damage to furniture, no revellers dived into bedrooms in search of drunken romps and to describe the house as being trashed was incorrect. We are happy to make this clear and regret any distress our report caused

  4. Sorry for my English, I tried using define:roast but I only understood you’re asking us to cook some links (Yes, now I think I have found the light about what you mean) πŸ˜€

    I’m afraid I do not follow many english blogs (this is , by the way, probably the third I have ever subscribed), so I’m just picking up something from my digg page.

    Of course, something extremely geek, like the USB Airsoft Turret 1.0, completely useless, but fun.

    So, please, tell me: I have understood what to do, haven’t I?

  5. Neko – fluffy!

    illy – EVIL! Cute and also fluffy (in a different way from the clouds), but evil!

    JB – instead of saving it till I had absolutely nothing to do, I saved it till I had urgent work to do for college. Damn you! Still, worth the watch πŸ˜€

    Rich – I love the “It has come to the editor’s attention that the Herald-Leader neglected to cover the civil rights movement. We regret the omission” as well. That, and “The pot growers had tapped into an irrigation line for landscaping around the gated community of Stoneridge, and had rigged up a network of white, 3/4-inch PVC piping to grow the cannibals”

    Andrea – good guess! Every sunday I post a collection of links to the odd/funny/thought provoking things that I have found on the Internet that week (previous Roasts can be found here). Then we all have a good giggle and discussion.
    Oooh! I want that little turret-gun. Perfect for shooting Sticky Beak in the office (I loathe that woman with a fire-y passion. Grrr).

    And I feel rather honored that you would subscribe to Bright Meadow πŸ˜€ I’m glad you’ve decided to stay πŸ™‚

    Now – anyone else got more fun links to share? I have to admit, I was expecting more. I know I’ve been neglecting you all a bit lately, but still. I’m all sad πŸ™

  6. You don’t want to be a minion?

    That can be arranged I guess, though now I feel doubly slighted. The number of G&T’s you’re going to owe me by the end of the week is going to be astronomical!

  7. That’s right, I don’t. I am too entrenched in having minions, not being one.


    I think you are taking liberties with this G&T count of yours!

  8. Nothing to Roast. I just wanted to say I found your blog through Britblog and it’s very, very good. I spent about half an hour reading it. Your mini biography was sad, yet I could relate to so much of it.

    Hope you keep blogging. I will keep reading!

  9. akanaka – you can have and be a minion at the same time. Anyway, being my minion is just SO much better than having minions of your own. Honest!


    πŸ˜› Got to make the most out of the situation.

    Ronald – welcome to Bright Meadow and thank you πŸ™‚ Things aren’t normally quite so depressing round here. I’ll try and bring the fun back, I promise πŸ˜€

  10. It’s my first time commenting here, so hello Cas. Hmm, the thought of being a minion isn’t too appealing, but I can conveniently forget that I read that part. πŸ˜‰

    Well, this is a bit odd, and it really has no value, but I thought I’d put it here anyway. It’s about panda’s πŸ˜€

  11. Moose – (sorry you got temporarily marked as spam *blush*) and everyone I second her warning! Very, very addictive.

    Jess – Odd with no value is pretty much ideal for the Roast! Hello and welcome to Bright Meadow πŸ™‚

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