Sunday Roast: here’s to unhappy endings

I’m not sure what’s happened this week, but there’s just not a lot out there that has caught my interest.

OK, I lied. I know exactly what happened this week: work. It was the end of the quarter and all the claim paperwork and data entry for the nine projects we manage had to go through little old me before the Friday submission deadline. It’s hard to describe exactly what’s entailed in my job and even harder to explain why the end of the quarter sends me totally and utterly fruit-loops with the stress, but it does. This has a nock-on affect in the rest of my life – quite the last thing I am in the mood for when I come home is to trawl the internet looking for stuff to Roast.

So you only get a few things this week. If, however, there are things you want to share, you are more than welcome to add them in the comments 🙂

In a very Indiana Jones worthy moment, archaeologists have discovered a secret chamber in the tomb of Emperor Qin.

I have two main ways of finding new authors to read. One by recommendation of my friends and two by randomly walking through the library/bookstore and picking up titles that grab my eye for whatever reason. It’s a sobering realisation, but covers of books DO matter, as do the blurb and the opening paragraph. I hate to think I’m fickle but… I am. I think recommendations from blog writers are going to have to fit into the ‘friends’ category even though in reality it’s not that clear cut. The following are three that have made my spidy-senses tingle:
Glimpses by Lewis Shiner
Mirrorshades: the Cyberpunk Anthology by Bruce Sterling
When the Music’s Over by Lewis Shiner

The blog is dead is a pronouncement guaranteed to stop you in your tracks. Go, be stopped, and read what Nils has to say about it all. And as for Scoble’s pronouncement that “traffic is going down” – 😛 to you, and so what if it is? That’s just a sign that people are starting to wake up and actually pick and choose what they are reading as supposed to being mindless sheep.

And I’ll stop there before I go into a huge off-topic rant.

Moose got all excited last night because Dell are releasing coloured laptops – she laughed at my suggestion of just buying a tin of red enamel paint and doing it herself. Seemed like a reasonable idea to me, but not as pretty as this laptop/typewriter mod.

The Golden Compass – the books were a little heavy handed to me. I think they might actually make a better film. And Daniel Craig just looks… Oooh, so yummy. And Eva Green (as always) looks just to gorgeous for words too.

Shoot ‘Em Up – more of Clive Owen running round displaying unrealistic military prowess, but he looks good doing it, so that’s ok. What IS it with me and liking shoot-em-up movies?

Skinwalkers – one more in the rash of werewolf/vampire/supernatural movies. Something about this one caught my eye though.

The Invasion – oh, you just KNOW that Daniel Craig is going to go evil, but it will be fun to watch him. Worth putting up with Nicole Kidman (never my favourite).

Lions for Lambs – worth it if only for Meryl Streep’s line of “even WW2 only took five years – what are we still doing?!”

And that’s me done for the day. Hamilton didn’t win the British Grand Prix, so I’m a happy bunny, though perhaps not as happy as Alonso is at finally having beaten his team mate! I’m off to see if I can jinx the Wimbledon final like I did Roddick in the Quarters.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: here’s to unhappy endings

  1. you’re just far too gleeful about Hamilton not winning – and you said I was mean last week when I said I didn’t want him to win!

    Not sure what Shoot Em Up is supposed to be – action? comedy? romcom?? But oh, Clive Owen *dreamy sigh*

  2. If you link to me one more time, some serious blushing will have to occur. Then again, I still read Scoble. And who ever heard of a blushing sheep? Baah 😀

    Anyway, the list of posts inspired by some of yours (but which saw an unfortunate premature whithering from neglect) is long. Let there be some minor comfort in that at least. Ooh, so lame, Nils. Sorry.

  3. Sorry Nils – I link to content I think is worthy. It’s not MY fault you’ve been on a bit of a roll lately 😛

    And thank you *blush*

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