To the silent ones

Because I need cheering up – not only did my back totally implode over night leaving me unable to my torso or do simple things like lifting up a cup of tea without wincing, but office politics are making life nasty (damn open plan offices!) – I am going to ask y’all to do something for your beloved Cas.

I know that lots of you read the blog on at least a vaguely regular basis. I know that at least 100 of you are munching on my RSS feed fairly consistently. I expect there are lots more who read Bright Meadow the old fashioned way but I have no way in place of tracking you. But only a few of you actually comment.

So I’m asking, no begging that a few of you come out of hiding and say hello. I won’t be bribing you with prizes for the best comment (I’m too much of a Scrouge – in a cute, British way of course), but I am not above resorting to guilt…

I am in severe need of love, appreciation and an ego boost right now. So give it to me!

Oh, and this goes double for those of you who I KNOW read the blog but who have yet to say anything on it. Yes Mr Godhead, I mean you 😉

If y’all are very, very nice to me I might just tell you the tale of Baby Cas, Big Brother, and the Optimus Prime robot…

18 thoughts on “To the silent ones

  1. Yay! I am first, and so clearly I love Cas the MOST.

    Ahem, not that my inner six year old has been sated, can we please have the transformers? Pretty please?



  2. Oops,

    That should say NOW that my inner, not not. It seems my inner six year old stayed in charge of my typing ability…..

  3. Hello – probably my first comment on here – found you via another 9-rules-er (Ollie White over at BlogF1) on Twitter – been reading for a couple of weeks now…

  4. I love Cas 4th bestest then? No wait that wasn’t the point, was it? We need to boost your ego… Okay: Cas is brilliant. I wish she had an amusement park, just like Dolly Parton. I would go there and eat ice cream.

    Anyway, I already comment here. Too often. I’ll go away and sulk. I have a hangover. Two more hours at work before I can comfortably slip away.

  5. Hey Cas. Have some penguin love come your way. 🙂

    I wish I was there where you are so I can drop over and you can show me the sights. Then in return I’ll show you the plans for bringing back the penguin overlords to the world. Together we’ll be their right hands. Then nothing…nothing can stand in our way.


    p.s I know that’s not much of an ego boost, but I do hope that made you smile a bit by the end of it. 🙂

  6. That sounds like an awesome story. I hope you tell it. 😀

    As someone who had about 8 months of constant back pain before I was correctly diagnose and got surgery to fix it, I know how utterly crippling it can be. I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

  7. Back pains and backstabbing in the office are the worst combi (as if your back needed backstabbing to hurt?!). I hope you can have an early afternoon and go out to enjoy the sunshine!
    And, since you’re obviously fishing – reading your weblog brightens up my day so I hope this *hug* brightens up yours! Love you!

  8. I think the issue here is clearly one of Gobots vs Transformers. Gobots clearly win since among them was a robot who could actually change into a Nissan Cedric.

    But I digress…


  9. Hello y’all, especially to new faces Tom and Tom – welcome properly to Bright Meadow and the comments 🙂 (it’s a mark of how much pain medication I’m on right now that I’m grinning like a fool because I’ve just have reason to say “tom tom…” and it’s amused me)

    Just because two have decloaked that doesn’t mean the rest of you lurkers are off the hook – as Renee so rightly points out, I’m fishing. You really are brightening what has been a pretty stinky day, so keep it coming 🙂

    And I expect I will tell the Transformers story soon.

    If you’re keeping track, bonus points are currently going to Tom G because he’s got me to google both “Gobots” and “Nissan Cedric”, Edrei because he’s planted the image of someone with two right hands in my head (slightly freaking me out, but hey) and Nils because the idea of a Cas Theme Park is just so supreme 😀

  10. Just because I haven’t come out and said it in a while doesn’t mean I find you any less enchanting. 😉

    Now, something about a Transformers story…

  11. Hola Cas! More stories about toast please. Do you realize that you make me crave toast? Is that weird or what?

    Also, I went to jury duty yesterday and at one point they referenced the co-British-American trial-by-jury system that has been in use for “over 1,000 years”.

    Yeah, that’s a quote. No, I’m not quite sure what they meant.

  12. More stories about toast?! It’s toast, what more can I say about it’s warm golden crunchy buttery fluffy bready goodness…?

    Oh. Yes. Toast.

    And over 1,000 years? WTF? That’s just plain wrong.

  13. Waaaaasabi!! How are you feeling? Listen, buck up, forget about work, there is something you need to focus on — Chocolate! Seriously, just do it.

  14. I believe I may already know the Transformers story, if I recall correctly, you told me via IM one time several months ago… I want to hear it again for the first time (I remember you telling me a Transformers story, but not in detail). 🙂

    And yes, I’m with Illyna, I’m a hugger too, so *HUGS*. I do miss our Sunday afternoon chats… blasted social life.

  15. Thank you illy 🙂

    Cappuccino – chocolate has been ingested. Lots and lots of After Eights! Mmmmm, sophisticated chocolate, as Mr Shelving called them at work. And welcome to the comments 🙂

    Jay – thank you and I miss our chats too. Roll on the winter and social hibernation! And patience on the story.

  16. Heya Cas. Yes, I still read your blog; I just haven’t been reading any of my feeds lately. Too busy catching up on the Potter books!

    But yes, I’m still lurking, and still loving. So nya.

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