Goodbye Moto

Goodbye Moto Wondering why I haven’t posted lately? Let me introduce you to the shattered remains of my new Razr to give you some indication of how shockingly shite my weeks have been lately.

I didn’t lay out money for it thankfully – Thanks to changing contract, the CCM had a barely used handset that needed a good home. I was fed up to the back teeth with my own phone (a Samsung D600 I never managed to love in over a year of having it. Something about the whole experience just didn’t gel) so I jumped at the chance for a new phone. Just over a week later and… splat. One misstep in a cafe et voila. It is quite impressive what the full weight of me crashing down onto my handbag can do to a phone. Thankfully the only thing dented other than the phone was my pride, so I’m able to laugh at the situation.

Laughing at the situation was much helped by my colleagues assorted reactions. “Oh, it’s a little bit demented, isn’t it?” – was the classic understatement of the century from the Boss Lady. A comment which was followed in true team fashion by the Tickle going “I’m sure we can turn it back on… where’s the battery meant to go?… This bent bit here?… You got some sellotape?… What did you DO to this thing?!… Um, yeah, I don’t think we’re going to be able to turn it back on…”

At least my reputation as the clumsiest project support this side of the Horse Head Nebula is still intact.

How does this relate to my lack of blogging? It just serves as the perfect illustration of the hectic-ness and sheer oddness of the last couple of weeks. Work has hit this “calm before the storm” patch which is freaking me out – we’ve been running on pure adrenalin for over a year now (holy crap where has the time gone?!) so this temporary slow-down to what, for everyone else, is normal working speed just completely throws the whole finely tuned machine out of synch. Yes, our normal working practices look insanely chaotic to outsiders, but they work for us! On top of that I’ve been experiencing a surfeit of festive cheer lately (I am a not-so-secret Scrooge), have the niggles of an RSI attack looming, and am just plain knackered.

All of which, you’ve guessed it, leaves me with no desire to blog.

Then people start prodding me, asking when I’m going to write next, and getting me to meet them for lunch, then texting/emailing/ringing to ask where the Roast is, and… Grrr! I know it is no excuse but I am a contrary minded cow and the more people want me to do something, the more I dig my heels, get a strop on, and resist.

So no blogging.

I fully planned to keep blogging through the festive season, but it turns out I’ve also fallen prey to the general malaise that seems to hit the Web around this time of year as everyone shuts down, goes slow, or simply goes into hermit mode and refuses to come out until 2008 is a few days old and the hang overs have worn off. That last is me by the way.

I fully intend to go into hiding, marshal my reserves, get some writing done and come back in 2008 better and brighter than ever before.

Or at least more awake and hopefully with a new mobile phone!

So have a lovely time doing whatever your religious/social/cultural inclinations would have you do. Be good to your friends and family, and I’ll leave you with some lines from one of my favourite Christmas tunes:

I wish you a hopeful Christmas
I wish you a brave New Year
All anguish pain and sadness
Leave your heart and let your road be clear

Knew I would forget to say something!
I will still be twittering whilst I’m away. If you’re not already following me on Twitter (and why not), either keep an eye on, or my tumblog which agregates everything.

Have a good holiday!

20 thoughts on “Goodbye Moto

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your phone! It’s such a bummer to be without one. I generally feel naked. I used to feel guilty about that nakedness but meh–I’ve accepted my total dependence on cellular technology. Sue me. I wish you an auspicious future with your new phone-to-be!

    A blogging break is always nice, too. It’s a good time to recharge and I look forward to an awesome Bright Meadow in 2008!

  2. get a strop on

    You don’t want to know how I read that upon first glance. πŸ˜€

    A break from blogging can be good. Recharge the batteries, take time out and sort everything out. Then you get to come back refreshed and full of ideas and energy. Here’s to a great festive season (I don’t believe you’re really a Scrooge) and also to a fantastic 2008.

  3. I’m sure I have enough Christmas cheer for both of us. Although if you’re in contrary mode that may be causing you to be even more Scrooge-like πŸ˜€
    Only 3 more days of work to go!

  4. Esther – I do have a phone as I’ve switched back to the Samsung, but I really don’t like it. It’s fat and squat and ugly and boring and nasty to use and… I just don’t like it. *pout* Awesome. Good word!

    Tam – good idea. Add a few cups of tea and/or whisky to that mix and it will be perfect!

    Ollie – that says more about you than it does about me πŸ˜› And yes, I am a Scrooge. I denied them decorations at work till this week, I’m not doing cards, and assorted other Scrooge-like things. But as Moose says, she’s got more than enough Christmas cheer for the both of us!

  5. No! Don’t stop blogging. Christmas was invented by the blog police to stop us doing so, didn’t you know that?

    Then again, if you feel the wick is out, do take your time. I wouldn’t want to see BM all burnt out come 2008. But do tweet, okay? And get a new mobile to do so.

    Oh, and as for favourite Christmas lyrics, how about the whole of Fairytale of New York?

  6. Nils, sorry, but I’ve fallen victim to the Blog Police. But I will tweet – using my nasty Samsung. Bleck.

    (Part of the reason I hate it so is that texting is a complete drag)

    Fairytale of New York is a good song – have you seen the kurfuffle that BBC Radio One had when they tried to sensor the lyrics?!

  7. Yep, PC stupidity rides again. Not that I blame Radio 1 in any way, I can’t even imagine having to navigate public opinion in this crazy day and age.

  8. @Cas: Actually, I read this post by Adem on the Big Blog right after I commented here. Crazy story. They should actually update the song with a few harsher words; maggot is so passé. Maybe add a new vid that has some oiled-up hoes in a bikini and a couple gangstas sat on a Bently coupé in it πŸ˜‰

  9. Although Radio 2 are playing it uncut and radio 5 did a twenty minute piece on it yesterday in which they played the clips from the song four or five times … turns out it’s just radio 1 being punks.

    O’h and i’m all about the scrooging …. B’ah hum bug indeed

  10. “Yep, PC stupidity rides again”
    “turns out itÒ€ℒs just radio 1 being punks.”
    Those comments has been bugging me for days. I’m sure if you had to suffer homophobic abuse and harassment you wouldn’t make such comments.

    The F-word in that song is offensive by modern standards. The BBC may not have gone the best way about handling it, but they were right to show respect to their listenners by acknowledging that it is no longer an acceptable word to use.

  11. My comment wasn’t meant in an offensive way Moose and i may of worded it badly (due to my love of the term Punks) my point was actually … why is it fine for Radio 2 to play the song uncut and for radio 5 to play the clip several times whilst it is not o.k for Radio 1?

    Another point which has grated with me over this story is the fact that by Censoring the F word Radio 1 has actually done just what it claims it didn’t want to do by re-populising the word.
    … I don’t know which Radio 1 D.J ( i’m assuming it would be a D.J because if it was an Executive it would of been a B.B.C wide edit) it was who decided not to play the song uncut on their show but doesn’t this sound like the sort of attention grabbing “stunt” that a media hungry Radio 1 D.J might pull to get themselves a few column inches in the red tops and thus the chance to host / appear on a forth rate reality show?

  12. Thank you Caryn. With every passing day I am growing more accustomed to the loss, though it is still hard (made harder by the lack of affordable replacement handsets!)

    And can I just say welcome back to Bright Meadow and the comments πŸ™‚

  13. Cas, you’d think, clumsy as you are (i.e. as bad as me and mine is DIAGNOSABLE!!) you’d think you would have insured your phone?

    Just a thought….

  14. Neko – if it had been a new phone I might have thought about it, but it came to me free. Plus I’m not totally sold on the premium for the insurance being worth it (or that ‘sitting on it’ counts as something that would be covered under said insurance!) That being said, I might reconsider it for my next phone.

    Inquisitor M – πŸ˜› And I starting to feel more upbeat thank you, now I’ve found (and ordered) the replacement! Bless Amazon πŸ˜€

  15. Well if you’re feeling better it’s high time you and Neko organized that coffee and cake afternoon and invite me along πŸ˜›

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