Sunday Roast: He is NOT Judge Judy and executioner

So why a Roast on Monday instead of the, by now, Sunday? Because yesterday the CCM descended upon Southampton for a flying visit and whisked me off to Southsea for the day. We had a lovely time walking the Front, going round the Aquarium and eating food in the smallest cafe I’ve been in in a while (room for two tables). We had a slightly less lovely, but still instructional, time walking round the D-Day museum and looking at the Overlord Embroidery.

And then it was home in time for toasted teacakes. Yum, toasted teacakes.

Not exactly a Roasting day, really. Hence writing it this evening instead. I’ve been wandering round like a Grizzly with a migraine all day today, snapping at my poor hapless colleagues for no reason other than I’m unaccountably grumpy. Sorry everyone! As I’m still feeling grumpy, even after Chish & Fips and several episodes of Stargate: Atlantis, I expect my customary humour might be in short supply in this roast. Who knows – the only way to find out is to read on…

And the first item in the folder is a piece all about how wonderful 3G working is. GRRRR! I’ve been fighting for over a year to get our laptops with 3G capability… GRRR!!!!

Excuse me while I go and lie down in a darkened room for a moment, will you?

I don’t care what he said. He was a fricking hologram! How cool is that!

The CCM said something interesting as we were going round the D-Day museum yesterday. During WWII in the UK, our government had more control over us than Hilter had over the Germans – the difference was we succeeded our liberties voluntarily. I then ended up looking at an ID card in a display case. Not one of the proposed new ones, but the old fashioned paper kind you had to carry at all times during the war…

On the impact of technologies

Most of the time I’m not sure why I still subscribe to the NYT, but then an odd longer piece like this one on the possible future of US international relations crosses the reader and I remember. On occasion, they’ll publish a piece that makes you think.

Sadly, the EDLO’s birthday buns weren’t this funky. Maybe next time?

I was going through some old pictures on Flickr the other night, and was struck how things are still depressingly the same.

Should blogs be peer reviewed?

Let me introduce you to marvelous web comic, Geek and Poke

Scary, what happens when you hit publish

And a movie trailer to enjoy:
Penelope – I might have linked to this before, but I’m going through a mild James McEvoy thing at the moment, so forgive me

4 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: He is NOT Judge Judy and executioner

  1. We also chose to give up those ID cards when the war was over. We have little choice in getting ID cards this time, and there’s no planned end. Additionally, we are having the will of another nation imposed on us – we would we already have biometric information stored in our passports if the US hadn’t thrown their weight around?

  2. completely unrelated…but I went to see Aliens vs Preator 2 yesterday, and the DFS advert at the start had some disturbingly cute-acting penguins sneaking their way onto the big screen…be warned!

    As for the film, much better than expected I have to say. If you liked the idea of AvP but hated the first film (and if you didn’t hate it there is something very wrong with you, go see a doctor), just pretend this is the first one and enjoy.

    Favorite moments include:
    “…but the government wouldn’t lie to us!”
    Head shot.
    Brutal main character death by crossfire.

    A must see for anyone who loves film violence.

  3. I get very frustrated with people who have the “you have nothing to worry about the introduction of biometric ID cards if you have nothing to hide”.

    The whole point for me is that a) I should have a choice and b) if they’re going to introduce compulsory ID cards, at least amalgamate the current passport and driving license and FFS don’t make me pay a fortune for it when I don’t even want it in the first place.

    I have already subjected myself to government scrutiny, have volunteered to serve my country and, in a way, still do. However, the government seems to forget that the world is much smaller than it used to be, if they think they can impose their will on us without a reaction they are woefully underestimating the impact of emigration.

    If the educated, highly-skilled, liberal middle classes continue to be taxed to the hilt, punished for working hard, while work-dodging illiterates live fat and happy on our taxes (I include politicians in that category) and then have an unfair montoring system imposed upon them which they have to pay for, they will leave. It’s so easy to move abroad, earn what you’re worth and give your family a quality of life only to be dreamed of in this overcast, slightly moist country.

    Apologies for the rant, believe it or not I’m actually a patriot, but I will not allow them to exploit me forever.

    What will this country become when the only people left are those claiming benefits?

  4. Inquisitor – AvP just put me off the whole franchise and to be fair I haven’t heard great reviews about AvP2. I think I’ll just wait till the dvd comes out. Less impressive SFX on the TV sure, but more comfortable seats and you can fast forward through the boring bits!

    fulnic – that’s an impressive, but well argued rant you’ve got going on there. I agree with you on most of the basics as well. Especially considering that these proposed cards aren’t anything new. If they rolled passport, driving license etc into one? Then maybe. But even then I’m not sure I like the road they’re taking us down.

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